Help, I'm receiving too MUCH soylent


So I’ve now received three months’ supply of Soylent since 8/2/14 (which was my first one). While I’m super happy to have such prompt service, I wasn’t charged for any but the first two (the second was for my subscription), and I’m pretty sure other people would like to receive theirs.

I tried to email you guys about this before you shipped it out to me, but your emails are super clogged up so I don’t think you guys saw it. You might consider hiring more people to help monitor communications (you still haven’t responded to an international friend of mine trying to get a refund since June), and maybe a warehouse & logistics manager to oversee your shipping (or a better one; I happen to know a few if you want resumés),

I want you guys to succeed, so please don’t take this personally =/ As for this most recent box of Soylent, I’m gonna sell it to some friends still waiting for their initial shipment and donate the proceeds to charity. Charge me for it if you need to, but I need the space in my house =P


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I’m bringing this up for the benefit of those who are still waiting =P It’s inefficient, and having just finished my hugantic wait, I would like others to also get theirs in a timely manner rather than shipping it all to me =D


Any chance you can ship some to me, willing to pay :smiley:


D= I already sold it to a friend who was waiting for his. Sorry.