Help in balancing protein and Carbs


I am new to this and just got my ingredients in. I decided to follow the beginners soylent recipe. First day didn’t go so good. Stomach was very upset. I had decided to try to up the protein by increasing the whey and I took both cal/mag pills in the morning. Day two was better as I followed the recipe this time. However I did take the Alive Vitamins separate. I do not like the Alive stuff. Looking at more recipes I decided to use the GNC Mega Men® Sport - Vanilla Bean and take out the Alive.

I am liking the way this is starting to come together but I have a few question that hopefully someone could help with.

  1. Best way to up protein without overdoing carbs. (Increasing the whey hurt my stomach.)
  2. Lower Niacin if needed.
  3. Dont have any Omega’s
  4. Overall critique

I would like to use what I have and if needed keeping additions minimal.

My Mix of Beginners Recipe


+1 here… I need to reduce the whey content and boost protein. I’m just going to piggy-back here if you don’t mind. :smile:


No problem. What recipe are you using?

I changed a few things to my mix to up Omegas and balance the whey concentrate vs whey isolate. Good new is the mix tastes great now. However I must being misunderstanding something or miscalculating it. My stomach while better is still bubbly. I also feel tired or sluggish with a slight headache and dry mouth. The numbers look right but something isn’t working in my mix.


I’m using a custom of the Bachelor Chow recipe (mine here), I have modified it primarily to drive down initial cost and I tweaked the recipe a little to fit some nutrients in there better. I suspect that I don’t have the oat flour vitals down completely yet and this may be higher calorie than the summary shows. I intend to take a second look at everything this weekend and I get ready to create another batch. You’ll notice my Niacin is crazy high but given the amount of Niacin that is present in OTC supplements and that this is split over 3 or 4 servings in the day I haven’t had any concerns or any flushes, etc, while consuming it.

I am having a slight problem with BM consistency… ending up on 5 or 6 in the bristol scale. I am wondering if there’s too much magnesium in the mix. This is one of the reasons I suspect my details on the oat flour might be off, oats have a significant amount of magnesium in them.

So far despite the drawbacks it does eliminate my hunger and helps me focus. I am quite a bit more productive after a few days when soylent is two of my meals. I hadn’t noticed this at first but started to correlate it after a few weeks of using it. Maybe if the magnesium is high that might explain the metallic taste on my tongue after a few days of nothing but soylent. :confused:


How are the oats on your stomach? I had to throw in the towel today do to stomach issues and not feeling good. Weird thing was I felt better after a few hours after drinking and hunger set in. I read so many posts that people feel better and more alert but unfortunately my experience was the opposite.

Think I am going to take a few days off and recover. Then start trying each item individually to see what might be giving me the issue, then start over. My mix has gotten to complicated in trying to fix issues. Ideally I would love to get this idea to work for me, specially now that I have $200 worth of stuff I haven’t used.


I’m lactose intolerant so any issues with how my soylent “sits” in my stomach I tend to blame on the whey isolate. I know isolate isn’t supposed to cause issues but I think I need to eliminate it in a test batch to see how it differs. Maybe the oats cause an issue every now and then instead? I won’t know more without more testing. I’ll try to reply back here after I figure this out.


So I emailed one of my nutritional friends and they said my issues were probably the fiber. Even though my fiber was in daily norms the body handles supplement fiber different than fiber found in food. Using the fiber supplement was probably dehydrating me and I was unable to digest it properly. His suggestion was when switching fiber sources to ramp up slowly and allow plenty of time for body to switch. Also he mentioned that a few days of soylent should be like just eating a different food as long as none of the micro nutrients exceed the daily amount. If you are low on a certain micro nutrient it will take a little while before seeing any side effects. If the meal replacement is causing any stomach issue focus on what item your body is not used to digesting.

So this weekend I am still planning on using each item by itself to see if I have any digestion issues. Then I will try again leaving out the fiber to see how it goes.

I often wondered if I am lactose intolerant which is why I focused on my whey first. I do believe by reading the true whey isolate should not have the lactose issues.


I just switched to Pea Protein instead of Whey Isolate as an experiment. I’m due to mix up another week of packets once it arrives, I’ll let you know how it shakes out.


Just to update here. I have tried each one of the items by themselves. Only had a little issue with each of the whey and fiber was bad by itself. So plan on going forward is to try the mix again only building ground up each item slowly. I will be leaving off the fiber and then slowly incorporate that. Since I have lots of my Whey I am going to keep trying it for a while.

I also found this link which I found somewhat interesting.