Help Me Choose: Powder or Liquid?

I’ve been off the Soylent train for awhile and finally came back on late April. The appeal of a “pre-mixed” Soylent got me curious to try and so far… I don’t mind it.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the powder very much because I had a difficult time measuring things out with the legacy scoop. My boyfriend did help me out on figuring out how much powder to add into my Blender bottle and such, but I have yet to really try out the 1.5 batch.

Comparing prices, the powder is “cheaper” by maybe .50 cents versus the bottle- which is understandable because IT’S PRE-MIXED AND READY TO DRINK!! :smiley:
Whenever I finish a bottle though, I just don’t like the thought of tossing it into the recycling bin. It’s still a good bottle and it almost feels like a waste to even recycle it! Oh the irony

So I guess I’m stuck at this point of choosing between convenience and cost-affectiveness?
Are there any working folks who are generally in a rush who find the bottle more appeasing or more of a hassle?
The 1.5 does allow you to measure your own calories too and control your intake to the way you want… But 2.0 gives you 400 kcal and that’s it. No fuss, no muss. One is slightly pricier than the other, but on the penny pinching end if you don’t buy reg food at all…

AUGH. I’m torn here. I know both versions have their ups and downs, but I want to just stick to one version instead of investing in both.


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Obviously pre-bottled Soylent has a huge convenience/on-the-go factor, but I’d honestly rather have a powder (or solid Soylent) for the majority of my use. Drinking most of my calories from 2.0 probably creates less “waste” than eating most normal diets, but I hate dealing with all the bottles. I personally found it more convenient to mix a powder once a every night or two. I’m sticking with 2.0 for now mostly because I prefer the taste over 1.5 (and I think the nutritional profile of 2.0 is better); I’m hopeful 1.6 is more in line with 2.0’s flavor and nutrition while retaining the lower price.


A day’s worth (2000 calories) of v1.5 is just under $8. A days worth of v2.0 is $12.

For me, the extra $4/day is worth the convenience. And the recyclable bottles are much less footprint than regular foods.


Since 1.6 is apparently soon to be released, i suggest you wait for it, or order 2.0 if you are too impatient. I am also dismayed by the waste of 2.0, and I have seen no proof that those recycleable bottles are actually recycled in my neighborhood.

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2.0 is awesome for work. It’s worth the extra little bit for that alone.

You may want to wait for 1.6, though, as geneven just stated.

The recycling angle will differ based on locale, if that’s important. Here, I can recycle the bottles, but not the powder packaging. (hence the bottles aren’t wasted - the powder bags are!)


Thank you for your responses! I didn’t know 1.6 was already coming out soon, so I kind of feel annoyed I got a box of 1.5 now. Oh well!

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Use 1.5 if you:

  • Want save some money
  • Like to mix things into your Soylent
  • Are concerned about all those wasted bottles

Use 2.0 if you:

  • Like the convenience
  • Hate spending time to mix stuff and/or clean the mixing equipment

Both are great options. It just depends on your personal situation.


I will probably use both. Currently 1.5 gives me the horror farts so that is out. If 1.6 fixes that then I will probably go mostly 1.6 but still keep 2.0 around for. Maybe I will forget to mix the 1.6 and just drink 2.0 instead. There isn’t any reason to just buy enough and let yourself determine over time what you want to do.

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For me, if it were between convenience and cost-effectiveness, I’d probably keep some of both around – 1.5 for ordinary meals and 2.0 for when I’m on the go. No need to pick just one. But I don’t do it that way, because I prefer 2.0 for other reasons.

You don’t mention taste as a factor, but if that is something relevant to you, I can’t recommend 2.0 enough. The flavor, texture and mouthfeel are so much better than 1.5 that once I tasted it I couldn’t go back. It looks like some people on Discourse feel the other way, preferring the taste of 1.5, but in general 2.0 seems to be much more widely praised on taste.


Some of us prefer 1.5 because it doesn’t encourage overconsumption.

I’m a fan of having both around; if they serve slightly different purposes for you.

Also, something to consider if eco-minded and you cringe at recycling all those bottles - delivering the pre-mixed means burning more energy to transport that heavy water. Powder is probably less of an overall environmental impact.


I could never drink 1.5 straight. I always had to mix it in a blender with frozen bananas and strawberries to make it enjoyable. I enjoyed the smoothies a lot, but it wasn’t totally convenient.

The first time I tried the 2.0 I was so impressed I sold my powder and never looked back. The fact that I can leave a case of bottles in my car’s trunk means that I never have to succumb to fast food unless I truly desire it.

However, there is one killer feature of the powder, which is you can take it on airplanes. My brother got his powder through security, but I had to chug my 2.0 bottles before they let me through.


1.6 has been just about to be released for at least 6 months. Don’t hold your breath…

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The only thing I don’t like about 1.5 is the expiration date, the last couple of batches I received expire the following month.

  • If the fat/carb/protein ratios don’t matter to you (they are different between 1.5 and 2.0.)
  • If you are ok with the flavor of 1.5.
  • If you can consume the 1.5 soylent within 30 days.
  • If you are ok with the prep time of 1.5

Stick with 1.5, its more affordable and not nearly as much waste.

However, 2.0 is much more tasty, almost a treat, compared to 1.5.

2.0 tastes much better than 1.5

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Have any of the staff mentioned it’s close to being released or is this just speculation from the community?

Yes, Conor has mentioned 1.6 as coming soon, though he has not defined soon. I don’t think they know precisely when it will be ready.

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Or, they know precisely when it will be ready, but will only ship when all the v1.5 is distributed.


I just hope they don’t start producing 1.6 too soon. It would suck if the first shipments of 1.6 are near expired product.

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Yes, they did.