Help me create Croatian Soylent


Hi, I’ve been very interested in this product for a while now but it has become obvious to me that I will never actually buy it due to its crazy price, and by crazy price I’m not exaggerating, here are the expenses for 2 people in January of this year when the price of heating is 120% higher. This includes all the living expenses except food: water, electricity, TV, cable, internet, phone, heating and garbage.
1781.70kn=$318 US dollars, that’s for two people, for the most expensive month in the year due to winter.

So now you see how spending $255 for one person is just unthinkable for me or for anyone in any neighboring country, and rich people would not buy it too because they have their maids who do their cooking for them.
Anyway, now that you see how Soylent is totally not viable for most of the world let’s get down to business.

There are basically two large shops with food substitutes like this in my country, here and here. As you can see, every single product they have is of US origin, and every one has labels in English so it will be very easy for you to tell which ones should I combine.
I don’t have any experience/knowledge in this area so I was thinking you could take a look at those lists of products and just post a link to it.
The overall cost per month should not exceed 450kn($80), $1=5.6kn.

Or you could just tell me that this is not possible for that money with these products.

Basically, Soylent needs to cost around $80-90 for anyone to take it as a serious alternative. Rich people would never buy it anyway so not sure what is the market for it with its current price.



Figure out what you spend on food in a month, then see how that compares to Soylent. The other expenses don’t really matter, Soylent isn’t water, electricity, TV, cable, etc. It may or may not be possible for that money since 80usd a month is less than three dollars a day, and the cheapest of the DIY’s I’ve seen is like 5$, but you might want to look at the DIY site,

There are a lot of recipes for do it yourself, although none of them are listed as being from Croatia, you may be able to find local versions or order from Amazon or elsewhere.


This looks good, if the label is to be believed.
And for proteins this? Does that cover everything?
That’s 410kn, 40kn remaining…


additionally two of these

So basically, I have the vitamins and minerals covered, and now I just have to figure out the cheapest proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats combo. I think the proteins are always the most expensive.
Would you agree this is getting close?


The forum is pretty responsive, actually - you got one reply already within 8 hours of your first post, and this one like an hour after your response.

To address your cost concerns, the topic has been discussed extensively around multiple other threads, and there is a lot of back-and-forth about why Soylent costs as it does, why “similar” products are often not so great for the cost, and whether it will come down in price. To summarize the basic idea, in most cases, spending $80/mo on food will get you what you need to survive, but not a “complete nutrition” solution - Soylent costs more because it has a lot more in it. Consider also the value (both literal and insubstantial) of your time and transport, and the amount saved by greatly lowering prep and shopping time/travel. Finally, Soylent is planned to drop in price once production is stabilized and reasonable projections can be made. Expect this in the next year-ish, probably.

I’d say go look through those threads first to see if your concerns have already been discussed, and if you still have things to ask about, come back and bring up those points - new discussion is always welcome here.

As for making a good, cheap DIY option there are also quite a few other threads on DIY, plus the category listing itself. Again, you might not find exactly what you were looking for, so feel free to carry on with this thread (although I’d suggest naming it something like “Need help creating affordable DIY recepie under $80/mo (Croatia)” for more visibility).


I’m not interested in talking about how Soylent is expensive, that’s completely pointless.
All I need is help with combing products from those 2 shops.
And lol, “poor man’s recipe” is 610kn, that’s just silly, US poor is Croatian middle class then.

I’ll try to make a recipe by the end of next week so I’ll make a new topic if no one will suggest anything.


The absolute best way to start is by utilizing the DIY site, it is a great tool that will help you to accomplish your goals, trying to do this without entering the ingredients into some kind of spread sheet is not likely to end well for you.

Once you have created your recipe you can then share the link here so that we can better help you meet all of your daily needs. You may find that some of your ingredients have already been used by others, those you can copy into your own recipe, for any that are new to the site you can enter all of the nutritional value yourself. Don’t rely completely on the label, but try to get more complete nutritional info for the product from sites like the USDA.

It looks like you have found carbs, protein and micros, don’t forget a source of fats. Also, multivitamins very greatly in quality, so be sure to research the supplement before committing.

You are the one who started the price discussion, your OP was mostly dedicated to cost, so don’t get upset if someone responds to the discussion that you started. I personally think that Soylent is cheap, and I think that my soylent is very cheap. Even the cost of the official product is way less than what I had been spending on traditional food. I’m sure the debate over the affordability of Soylent will continue, and I am equally sure that there will never be a consensus, the cost of food varies far too much from region to region, so for some of us it will always be cheap and for others it won’t.


A couple of questions:
is folate the same as folacin?
is there another word for vitamin K?
iodine is not the same as iodide
If you have a label like here that says “other ingredients”, how do you count those in?

This will be the recipe.

I don’t think this will be possible, proteins are just too expensive.


Can you take a look at the recipe now, is there any way to make it cheaper?
Also any suggestions with what to fill other vitamins and minerals(14 are completely missing)?


It looks like you will have a hard time meeting your nutritional needs and budget with those specific ingredients, you’re also only half way to your calorie goal at the moment. By the time you add the necessary ingredients to fill in your nutrients you’ll likely be over budget, but don’t fear, this is doable with a little effort.

Have you considered any of the below recipes? All of the links below are within your budget of $80-$90/mo. Ignore the specific brands, just see if you have an equivalent product available in your area.

Cheaperfood @ 495kn/month

Low Entry @ 411kn/month

2000 Calories 1 @ 334kn/month

2000 Calories 2 @ 253kn/month

These are just a few of the recipes within your budget, there are others on the DIY site. I don’t know how any of these taste, maybe someone who has tried one of them will chime in. I have some flavoring in my recipe and have not tried it without any, most of the cheaper recipes do not account much for flavor.

Using someone else’s recipe as a base to start your own can be much easier, and you can change them to your specific requirements. No need to reinvent something, if someone else has gotten close to what your after take the advantage.


Thanks, I think you showed me now that this will not work, for example, this recipe is only possible because of the 20kg Soy protein isolate, here the same product exists only in 1kg form.
The 20kg costs $162 while 1kg here costs $28.5, meaning that his 1kg costs $8, so my protein source is 3.5 times more expensive.
Same goes for everything else.
People often don’t realize that in developed nations like USA everything is many times less expensive, from electronics to foods, despite having many times higher incomes.


You can delete this topic now.


You are absolutely correct in this assessment. I won’t make any statements about ethics or morality… but our costs are efficient, often externalized, and lower than almost anywhere else in the world, often by orders of magnitude.

That being said, your $80 pricepoint is doable. I’ve demonstrated a $30/month recipe. By making some calculated changes and tuning it to what is available locally, we should definitely be able to meet or exceed your goal.

I would love to help you out with this project. I’ll start researching ingredients.

I’ll start with as a base, since it’s the recipe I’ve had the best success with, in terms of palatability.


I don’t know, your recipe also has key stuff in bulk and is a lot less expensive even without it being in bulk.
I guess if thousands of people would buy such stuff regularly they might consider importing it in bulk too.
Everything is tiny and decrepit here.