Help - measuring?


I wanna order Soylent since they seem ready to ship it finally but I can’t eat more than 1300 kcal a day - how can I measure it so I don’t miss out on important ingredients? Should I mix it like normal and then drink less? But what to do with the rest of the shake? And how do I know how much is 1300 kcal?

I don’t know anything so please talk to me as if i’m a child (yes that was a semi-joke. But seriously, i have no idea what I’m doing)


they mentioned adding a scoop to help with measuring, and not to worry too much about getting rda when not drinking the whole thing


Right, but so will they add the measuring scoop with the first shipments? And do you have any tips on what to do with the left overs (except obviously save it and drink it the day after). Someone froze theirs which might be an idea, but again, I’m a bit concerned with how unbalanced it’d get if I save left overs and then mix it up with new chow the day after… :-/


i would guess a scoop would be in each bag, and just do a bit of math to figure out how much powder to use, and as far as the oil, i think it comes in a 2oz vial and probably just use a bit over half, or make 3 days worth at one time and just use 2 bags, 3 days worth would be 3900 calories for you, and 2 bags worth is 4000


With each bag containing 2000 calories, that gives you 3 servings. If you do 2/3 servings in the bag, that will come to about 1333 kcal.
Day1: I’d say shake the bag before opening, and measure out 2 scoops/meals worth. Save the other portion.
On day 2, use the remaining power and mix it with 1/3 of the second bag.
On day 3, you can use the remainder of bag#2.
For the oil/water, I think that you could eyeball it close enough.

There may be a slight variance between days, but nothing that would harm you. There’s more variance in my current diet.


and the per-day is less important than long term. If you get more oil one day and less the next, it doesn’t matter. If you follow j8048188’s suggestion and do 2 bags per 3 days, then if you finish both bags in those 3 days its not really that important what happened on any individual day.


you have probably been asked this before, but are you sure about that number?
you may want to perhaps err on the side of caution a little in the first few weeks and monitor your weight daily. perhaps aim to start off with 1500 kcal and see how you go. you can always ease back a bit if you find it’s too much.


@denkert, I’m also curious about how you know that you can’t consume more than 1300kcal a day. My concern is that 1300kcal is a really low number for an average individual.

Yes they are shipping with scoops that measure out one serving, whether they continue after the first shipment rounds or ship the scoops with each week ordered I don’t know. I do believe everyone else covered on how to hit close to your 1300kcal mark.


I’m looking to loose some weight and i put in my numbers on one of those “daily intake” sites and they said I should consume 1100-1300 daily to loose weight and around 1400-1500 to maintain it. I’m a fairly small person (5ft) and want to get some help loosing the extra fat around my belly, and if I ate around 1300, i’d loose about 0.25 kg a week. I’ve also started working out to get some muscles going, so hopefully, soylent can help me getting slightly more toned.

Thanks for all the help guys!


Well, if your working out, make sure to chose that option in the calorie/intake calculators. If you feel hungry, don’t be afraid to eat some more, and keep in mind muscles require a higher energy just to maintain than fat does, so as you gain muscle you will need to increase/adjust your caloric intake.


I assume most women on the Internet have seen this; I know quite a few of my friends have linked to it. I read through it, and even as a guy it made sense to me.


Hadn’t read that, thank you for linking. But i’m not really planning on starving myself for the rest of my life and 1300 kcal for someone who is tiny and doesn’t move much - mathematically, I’d gain weight if I ate 1800 kcal. If I had time and interest to go to the gym everyday and build muscle then sure, that’d be cool then but then I wouldn’t do soylent. Today I eat about 1500-1600 and manage to maintain my weight.

I’m not planning on going anorexic, i just want to see what 1300 kcal, which mathematically would mean my kalorie intake is less than my output, does any difference. A lot of men on these boards want to use soylent for various experiments concerning their bodies, includinh weight loss, why is it such a biggie if I want to try?

I promise, if I start seeing negative results in terms of my mental behavior and if I only become weak and miserable, I’ll raise my intake.
Thanks for everyone’s concern though, I know I may come off as naive but I have people around me that wouldn’t let me do anything stupid for long. I’m also fairly aware of the misinformation women are being fed out there.