Help needed: Please review this Indian soylent formula

Dear Friends,

I don’t have official soylent in india yet but I have made formula from Ingredients which I can source right now locally or from USA. Can you please review this soylent and help me know why manual calorie count is different than what recipe says?

Is there any other issue with this formula?

My choices of ingredients are limited as not all preferred ingredients are available in India easily. Some ingredients I have used are already available with me but are not present locally in general.

Thanks for help :smiley:

I would say that there are too much Omega-3. Omega-3 are blood thinners, you don’t want to take too much. I remember that 5 grams per day were advertised as safe. But you only need between 0.5 and 1 gram of EPA/DHA, so I would significantly lower the intake of fish oil pills (on the practical side, I don’t know how you intend to pop 15 pills a day ; I know I can’t :wink: )

If I were you, I would pick another multivitamin: yours has too much iron (18 mg !!) and manganese. Men need less iron than women.
Vitamin D does not seem necessary if you live in India…
I would also say that enough sulfur is already contained in the proteins so you don’t need to had any…
The dose of vitamin C seems like an overkill but it won’t kill you :wink:

I hope it helps…

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Thanks for reply. This DIY website has bug. I can’t change parameters like pills to tbsp once data is entered. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. My body needs 15 grams of fish oil for recovery due to health condition. This will be taken as 1 tbsp.

I just modifed recipe. Added Waxy Maze to reduce rolled oats. I’ll try different multi vitamin and check numbers again. I like more vitamin C but thanks for pointing out. I need extra vitamin D too

What about GI of this soylent? I have mix of different kind of carbs though.

and you know why total calories of recipe is being shown wrong? how to fix this?

Thanks :smiley:

EDIT: Sulfur is added as Rob also had issue with low sulfur even after eating enough protein

Rob has since said that he was mistaken and was not actually experiencing sulfur deficiency.

Protein has enough sulfur.


Thanks for info. My protein seem to have 1 grams of sulfur according to link. I’ll read some more on this. :grinning:

What about GI of this soylent? I have mix of different kind of carbs though.

and you know why total calories of recipe is being calculated wrong? how to fix this?

Your total calories are wrong because your nutrient info in your ingredients is wrong. For instance, Waxy Maize, which has no nutritional info showing except for the amount of carbs, not even calories.

You should carefully check each ingredient to insure it has the correct nutritional info for everything. Don’t worry about the rest of the recipe until this is done, because until this is done you don’t really have any idea how healthy or safe it is for you.

I’ll also second the advice to drop the MSM, your SAA’s from the protein are sufficient.

Given that many indians themselves are deficient in vit D, i think it its also needed. But @salv_nyc, i agree with arthur…lose the manganese, people already get manganese from coffee/tea ,drinking water. It doesnt have to be ‘added’ you will be at risk for brain effects by adding manganese. And if you are male that much iron is too much.

Thanks for input. I’ll check on mangnese and iron levels. They are not above upper limits

Any thoughts on GI of this?

and how is Carbo Plus as source of maltodextrin? I read it’s a post workout drink. My recipe has maltodextrin 50 grams only.

I can’t find other good sources in india.


even manganese below 3mg a day has shown to cause effects, in a study. In my opinion you dont need a source of manganese (you dont have to add any). We get enough through beverages and drinking water.

Thanks. That is scary. So many DIY recipes have higher manganese. if you have more oats, mangnese will be higher. What is solution? Other carbs are high GI carbs

How about trying quinoa?

can it be eaten without cooking? trying to find it’s prices in india.

I think it can be. You could search about it on the net.

Too expensive in india. 1 kg is 500 INR. Compare this to organic whole wheat flour which is INR 45 per kg. Non-organic is even cheaper.

How about using cooked white rice flour as a carb-source in your recipe? Also dump the chia seeds, you are are using a multivitamin, multimineral and fish oil pills right? You dont need ALA when you have EPA/DHA.

I can’t find cooked rice flour in india. Thanks for suggestion on chia seeds. I have removed fish oil for now. I am using one multivitamin which also has minerals.