Help on how I should go about consuming Soylent


So after doing some research on Soylent, I’m going for it! Thanks for the good responses you guys gave! I want to primarily switch over to Soylent, and only eat meals when I go out with friends and see the family for holidays (like Thanksgiving).

Right now, I have an issue where I drink way too much soda. It’s basically an addiction. I am on the computer for a while and I sip soda, which is terrible in many ways. Although I like food, I have actually found that I like drinking liquids more than I like eating food. I’m hoping that by going to Soylent it will help break that soda addiction.

The other issue I currently have is I only eat one meal a day for the most part, but it’s a pretty big meal. (A bunch of you healthy people are probably freaking out right now.) My calories can really vary depending on what I decide to eat and how big of a meal I decide to have that day, and so I’m hoping Soylent can help me even out the calories a bit.

I’m as much worried about these habits as I am about the intake. I’m not sure whether I should try sipping Soylent like I did with soda and then not eat, if I should try to just go with the 3 meals a day thing which is really far off from where I am now, or if I should drink all my Soylent at once like I used to eat and then try to avoid other liquids like soda as much as possible, or some other option. Any suggestions? If I did sip on Soylent throughout the day, do you think it would spoil on hot days? How long do you think it would take to spoil? Any information on the pros and cons of the different ideas on how to consume Soylent would be great. Thanks!

P.S. I’m not trying to be a super healthy person. I’m basically just trying to be healthier than I am while maintaining a simple approach to consuming Soylent. I don’t want to have to take vitamins or have a bunch of fruits and veggies in the house that spoil regularly or any of that type of stuff. Thanks.


If you want to sip on it throughout the day, you could put it in a vacuum flask (thermos). With ice cubes it will stay cold for at least a day or so.


That would take away some of the convenience of it, but it’s an idea. Do you think this would be necessary? Otherwise, I was thinking I could just pour myself a glass and leave the main container in the fridge.


That’s what most of us do. I would suggest going with the 3 meals a day idea and see how that works for you. You can always experiment and find what works for you. It should keep you from getting hungry and have a huge meal for dinner like you are doing now.

How do you feel about drinking ice cold water instead of soda?


I don’t know if it’s strictly necessary, but I don’t like warm Soylent. They make vacuum flasks with drinking spouts.


I have tried in the past and can’t stick to it. I am not a fan of water at all. It’s gross. I have done better with other things like tea, but there’s nothing quite like soda. That’s why I’m hoping Soylent will help because you need it as your meal as well. I guess I’ll probably see how it plays itself out once the Soylent shows up in the mail.


I don’t like drinking water myself. Lately I drink two cups of Soylent early in the day. I then add two cups of water to the remaining Soylent. The taste is still acceptable to me, and I have increased the amount of water I consume.

I tried something like your “one big meal” concept with Soylent the other day, and it worked better than I expected – i.e., I wasn’t starving the rest of the day.


Have you tried sparkling/seltzer water? I find it’s the bubbles I crave more than the sweetness. And, of course, you can get it flavored without calories or sweetener (like this or this; a bit of citrus essence and the bubbles make a huge difference from flat water, with no calories or artificial sweeteners. That’s what got me off soda pop.

And most grocery chains have a store brand, in the soda aisle or with the mixers.

Get a Soda Stream and some citrus oils and you can make your own.


I have tried the flavored stuff you talked about, but carbonated water really isn’t that good for you anyways, and it’s not sold conveniently around here. (You have to buy it in bottles.) I’d rather find a real fix than a band-aid, although that probably would be better. I’d still have lots of the withdrawals, though, and would probably rather drink tea, which is probably healthier.

It’s soda. :stuck_out_tongue:


There really doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe this. (If you’ll go with the Mayo Clinic as a source.) You can drink your water bubbly and it should be just the same for you; and carbonating your own reduces waste and is cheaper.

As you say, there are added benefits to tea.


Yeah, sweetened colas are a big source of excess sugar, and both regular and sugar-free colas are a big source of phosphoric acid; the acid is bad for your teeth and the phosphate is bad for your other mineral status.

Carbonated water doesn’t have that problem.


If it’s literally just carbonated water, yeah, the carbonation isn’t going to have drawback (other then the water will be taking up more volume because there is air in it), but then again, that’s just water. If you’re drinking flavored carbonated water, then there are drawbacks. I don’t drink soda because it has bubbles. But this thread is really getting derailed now.


Our eating and drinking backgrounds seem to be somewhat similar.

I was addicted to soda. I decided five months ago that I wanted to eat more healthy, and realized sodas went contrary to this goal. When I was younger, I would drink maybe two liters a day? But as I grew older, this greatly reduced; I consumed probably two 12-ounce cans a day. My refrigerator was full of soda when I had my epiphany, so I reduced my soda intake to one can a day, every day, until my stock (approximately five cases) was depleted.

Having weaned myself from two cans to one can, it was not too difficult to then eliminate soda completely from my diet. (I do make an exception for movie theaters; popcorn and soda are a theater-necessity.) Mostly I drank water.

Having no soda for two months, I then started allowing myself an occasional soda again. But the craving is gone. And when I saw Jurassic World last weekend (don’t see it; horrible), I could only drink half my extra large soda. Not because I dislike Coke, but because Soylent has corrected my portion control.

Pre-Soylent, I also was prone to eating one very large meal for dinner, with snacks beforehand. Mostly because of laziness; I didn’t want to make breakfast or lunch. This has the outcome of making a relatively-fit Ric have a slight belly. I’m of average weight, but one daily huge meal extends the stomach. So, to answer your question,

I found that Soylent make it extremely easy to go with 3 meals a day, which was really far off from my one large meal a day. You’re already drinking soda constantly; it is no problem whatsoever to pour a glass of Soylent instead of soda.



This was incredibly helpful. I pretty much was where you were at, and while I no longer consume 2 Liters of soda a day, I still consume a lot. This post really means a lot to me. Thanks, and I’m going to take your advice of the 3 meals a day.