Help soylent burns me

I have been using soylent 1.5 for every meal for the last few days. The problem is when I poop it burns my poop hole. It’s a very painful burning sensation. This only happens when I use soylent. I make sure to stay hydrated and take additional fiber. I consume fiber through apples, oranges, spinach, carrots, and nuts. Does anyone have any suggestions? If not I will have to cut back which would be a tragedy because I like the convenience of soylent and I need to reduce my cholesterol.

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I can’t say that I have the same problem, though I would recommend speaking with your physician on this one. Have you consumed other versions of Soylent and experienced the same problem? If so, then there’s not much that can be done. If you haven’t experienced the same symptoms with past versions, it may be a variation in the ingredients and testing within your system may need to be done. At any rate, unless there’s a GP or Gastro specialist on the forum, I doubt many of us can help you.

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Have you experienced similar problems before Soylent? You are the first on the forum to my knowledge to complain about burning sensation from the butt. Perhaps the problem could be the other things you eat together with Soylent… Without more details, no one on these forums would be able to tell you any useful information or have any solutions or guesses as to why. (well guesses perhaps, but no certainty at least)

So in this case, if the problem continues, you can try skipping Soylent and see if that helps or talk to a professional that can look more closely at the root of your problem :wink:

Too much fiber? Wild guess.

That is odd. Even with my abnormal digestion I never had any burning poop with soylent. Unless I ate whole lot of hot sauces (good hot sauce burns twice!)

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How much are you consuming at a time? How long do you let it sit? Could be potassium burn.

This is not the first time this has come up on the forum. In fact I also had this exact problem with 1.0 which in part led me to give up on big-S Soylent.

I have no answers other than it went away when I tried other products.


Yikes, well this is at least the second instance of it happening, albeit on different versions. I wonder if it has to do with an allergy with one of the components of Soylent?

I would definitely consult a physician since it is not what most people experience. If you find out any answers, please report back: It might help someone else in the future!

As well as the physician recommendation others have had, also try psyllium husk fiber (or plain unflavored Metamucil). Start with with one teaspoon per 500 calorie serving; but don’t add it until immediately before you drink it. If you add it before your Soylent might turn to something more like pudding.

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I started out having a similar issues back on 1.4. I took this board’s recommendation of adding a teaspoon of psyllium husk fiber (metamucil) and it seemed to fix the problem. After about a month I suppose my body adjusted and I no longer needed to add it to my Soylent.


I recall some slight burning down there too. :frowning:

I’m new to Soylent and have only tried 1.5. I had burning start yesterday and continue today. The only difference between burning days and non-burning days is indulging in Diet Mountain Dew on the burning days. Caffeine’s effects seem to be nullified by Soylent, so avoiding the Dew should be easy.

Wait, only? Are you immune to sichuan spicy food or have you just never had it?

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I figured it out. I make my only turkey jerky. Soylent + turkey jerky = burn. For some reason I can do either sepearately but when you put them together it burns.


Glad to hear you solved it! :+1:

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This is a gross answer, but hey, we were talking about pooping anyway so here goes.

Your burning while pooping symptoms sound an awful lot like an anal fission. The fission can be caused by recent constipation. Or diarrhea or a hemorrhoid. Does your anus ever seem really itchy? Do you ever notice blood when you wipe?

With all of the being said. If you are having distress like that, the last thing you need to eat is insoluble fiber like nuts etc. You would be better off eating soluble fiber. It will bulk everything up, soften it and slow it down going through your system. Have some Metamucil (psyllium fiber husk) for a few days. And cut back on the insoluble fiber for a little bit (nuts, fruit with skin).

I’m not a doctor or anything. I’ve had mild Chron’s disease for years and it’s made me familiar with butt stuff.

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