Help starting on DIY soylent in england


Hi, thanks for reading this.
i am looking to start on diy soylent, i have put the money aside so i have enough to buy everything i need.
i have been looking on for recipies and have found these 2:

now although they have the list of ingredients and places to buy them some of the values look a bit high ( do i really need 410% of my daily iron intake?)
i want a recipe that’s close to average (or a tad higher) and easily tweaked as far as calories go i may need more.

so if your interested in why i want to do soylent and a bit about me then keep reading :smile:
I am 26 (soon to be 27) i work nights in a super-center stacking shelves on isles like petfood, i work 9-7.
i am 5ft 10in and weaigh last i checked around 16 stone. i am also in below average fitness i think.

when i am home i am so tired all i do is hop on to the pc for maybe 3 hours then sleep the rest of the day. at work i am so tired that normally about 3-5 in the morning i am falling asleep stood up. i dont have time for a healthy and balanced diet, my average days food consists of 2 toast for breakfast, 3 hours later i have lunch which is a tin of beans 2x bread and butter a pack of crisps and a chocolate bar. 2 hours later i eat tea which is a cheep freezer meal. at home i might have a cup noodle or a frozen chicken kiev. (or as in right now im eating 1kg of chocolate)

my main aim is to improve my diet and get the vitamins my body needs that it has been denied in any meaningful amounts. im not to bothered about saving costs it would be nice but not important. i would like to stop being tired all the time and i am hoping thats part of my bad diet, i would also like to lose a bit of weight.
i would first like to start with average values and see where that takes me and chance biased on how i feel.

thanks for reading :smile:


Hi @Scilya

I’ve been working on People Chow UK for the last few days. I’ve finally found a better multivitamin which reduces the quantity of iron considerably. There are still some high quantities, but the research I’ve done so far indicates that it should be pretty safe.

I’m very similar to you regarding my energy levels. For me, they get much better when I eat healthy, but I struggle to find the time. Hopefully this will help.

I haven’t taste tested it yet, but I’ll be ordering ingredients very soon & will post my thoughts.

If you try it, please let me know how you get on :smile:


U can call me Jason lol