Help with a fomula please :)


ok guys hi been wanting to try this for ages but spreadsheets and so on are a tad dificult, i am a bit dyslexic. so anyway i met another user on here Johannes who was willing to make and ship it.
he has given me this link for the formula

and it looks ok from what i can tell apart from that i would want more calories.(i think i want to start with 3000, at least 2500) i am 5’11 and 217 pounds and eat like a pig lol
he said he was not comfortable changing the recipe in case he got something wrong. so i asked if i could post this and ask for help on it.
i realy want to try this im a big scifi geek and have always dreamed of stuff like this so i need to try it lol and it will do me some good just while i have typed this i have eaten a bag of pork scratchings covered in Tabasco sauce :wink:
any help would be greatly appreciated

thx guys!


First thing I notice is that your magnesium looks pretty high. The UL for supplements is 350 mg, as you’re getting it in a concentrated dose compared to from regular food. 451 mg is possibly toxic. The extra zinc may mitigate that some, but I don’t know. You might think about separating out your calcium and magnesium supplements so you can bring that down.


If I am reading right…

Potassium @ 2000 bit low, go for 3000+ imo
Calcium a little high, wouldn’t go over 1000 personally, but maybe ok
Magnesium yeh, too high, try to keep around or just below 350 imo
Zinc, way too high. Don’t go long term with 94!
Choline will need probably raising (or eat some eggs).

The obvious thing is, dump the calcium / magnesium / zinc. You have enough Zinc in the multi. Go with a lesser dosage calcium / magnesium to get 800-1000 calcium and 350 total magnesium imo.

Was a quick glance only ;).


hmm ok thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: