Help with bodybuilding recipe

Hello, these are my daily ingredients

Maltodextrin 300g as carb source (maybe would bump to 350)
180g protein (from a bulk powder source)
daily dose multivitamin
daily dose glucosamine
daily dose aminoacids
1gram vit c
2grams fish oil (capsules, taken with the shake)

So here comes the question, i need a lot of calories what would you use as fat source? and what as fiber source?
Anything else that you would add?

I would ease up on the Malto. Soylenters like to use it since it’s cheap, dissolves easily, tasteless and can dissolve oil. That being said it’s main purpose on most commercial sites is to directly increase insulin levels post workout so your muscles can repair faster. This is good post workout but for any other time you’re risking becoming insulin tolerant (type 2 diabetes). Oat flour is the typical go to for other carb sources and it’s generally cheaper than Malto. Masa Harina (corn meal) is also popular and has a decent flavour but a gritty texture.

I would also check the website to ensure that you’re getting everythign you need. Multi vitamins generally do not contain essential minerals like iron or sulfur.

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Cant eat oats. Oats are high in arginine (it triggers oral herpes outbreaks). Everybody is different but in my case im extremely sensitive. Will look for masa harina alternatives.

Thanks for the help by the way

I tried corn flour (not sure if its the same as masa harina). Just took 200 grams with water, nothing else in the shake, i wanted to try it on the stomach.
Its been a disaster, i took it around 10:00 am, its almost 17:00 now and i still feel a full stomach combined with little stomacache and a slight nausea that comes and goes.

Look at some other recipes on the DIY site. If corn and oat flour are out you can always use whole wheat flour. I’ve never tried it but i’ve heard of people using it.

How did you come up with your macro numbers?

You may want to try corn starch instead of corn flour. You may find it easier to digest than corn flour. In addition, as compared to corn flour, corn starch has fewer micronutrients and macronutrients other than carbohydrate, making it easier to balance your recipe. I consume about 200g/day of corn starch with no gastrointestinal distress. Your results may vary.

Sorry my mistake, actually it was corn starch. Maybe is it that i took 200g in just one shake?

Cant wheat flour make me celiac after a long time?
To be honest macros are kinda made up.

That seems a bit excessive. I generally “eat” 200-250g of corn starch at the rate of 50g 4-5 times/day.

No. It doesn’t work that way. You either have celiac disease or you don’t.


I like canola oil as a fat source (it’s what I use.)

You can also consider peanut butter, if using a blender - I hear the flavor is great. Just cut your carbs and protein based on how much you’re adding via peanut butter

I would skip the amino acid supplements… they may be helpful if you are on a very restricted amount of protein, but you’re eating ample protein. BCAA’s, especially, are popular in muscle mags and in broscience, but the truth is that there’s plenty of BCAA’s in the protein powder you’re taking. Given the high protein intake you’re talking about, the amino acid supplements are completely superfluous. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to your cup of salt.

For fiber, psyllium husk is cheap, well-known, and works great. Mix it in dry, and it mixes easily. Just don’t pour water directly on a spoonful of psyllium husk which is against the side of your container, or you’ll make a sticky glob which will take a long time for water to saturate. If mixed while dry, it works great.

I think the maltodextrin is fine, especially when mixed with all the protein, fat, and fiber. Non-concern, to me.

+1 on this. Fearing that there’s any food which will “give you” celiac is completely unfounded. There’s no reason to believe that. Use wheat or wheat flour if you like it, don’t use it if you’re celiac.

Likewise, don’t use the peanut butter if you’re allergic to it… and if you’re not allergic, you don’t need to avoid peanut butter for fear of becoming allergic to it.


So yesterday i used wheat flour (didnt find whole flour), took like 300 grams along the day… ive had the worst diarrhea ever this morning. Any options left? lol

Was that more carbs than you’re used to?

I almost always get the runs when I take a huge hit of carbs, especially if I haven’t been eating carbs recently. (For example, while doing a CKD, on carb-loading day, hooboy…) You intestinal microfauna need time for their populations to re-balance, based on what you’re eating.

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Better question is, is that more fiber then you’re used to?

Sudden increases in fiber can cause digestive issues in the short term till your body adjust.

While this is not exactly the most scientific of sources but check out symptom 2.