Help with Measurements


I must have missed something, or I’m not understanding the information given. Based on what I’ve read, when mixed at the recommended levels (1 scoop Soylent + 1 scoop water) Soylent comes out to 1 calorie per milliliter.

Following the prep guide included with Soylent, 1 scoop of Soylent with 1.5tsp of oil comes out to 285 calories. So why is it that this only comes out to about 200ml? What am I missing here?


You need to fill the pitcher to get the 1kcal/ml ratio. The pitcher is approximately 2 liters, it will take 2 scoops of water for every 1 scoop of powder.


Gotcha, thanks for the quick response. So for measuring it out based on servings just double up on the water? Seems easy enough.


Yep, double water for individual servings. You will end up with some extra oil at the end of the day if you only mix meals individually. I think it’s an extra tsp, not sure though as I have only mixed a bag at a time. I believe Julio said somewhere that there’s actually 3.5 meals/bag of you use the scoop method.


If that is the case that begs the question, is the measuring scoop wrong? Or is it more efficient at getting Soylent out of the bag? Or is it magical and create more Soylent?


While a magic scoop would be awesome, unfortunately it ends up that the scoop is wrong. They had to order the manufacture of the scoops before v1.0 was finalized, so they had to estimate the scoop size. Same thing happened with the boxes being 2.5 times too big.


They had the scoop and other packaging made with a “best guess” of what 1.0 would be. The formula changed since that order.

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Maybe, but you did provide the evidence backing your claim. I admit I didn’t see that post about the scoop, so thanks for quoting it, and thanks for the intel @kennufs . I’ll see if I can find the answer to my next question in that thread: Will smaller boxes reduce shipping costs, and thus, overall Soylent costs.


I hope so! For the most part, however (from personal experience), carriers care more about the weight than the size for the price of a shipment.


The USPS has that “if it fits it ships”, though I don’t know if there’s a weight limit.
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It’s 70 lbs domestically, and 20 lbs/box or 4lbs/envelope internationally.


At the box sizes we’re dealing with, cost is entirely based on weight. We’re still shipping the same weight, so the shipping price is largely unchanged (I don’t know that it’s exactly the same, but it won’t change significantly).


The information regarding the Soylent measuring cup’s authenticity is very helpful, thank you for answering his/her question on measurements.