Help with my custom, low-protein formula (I have PKU)


I have been very intrigued by Soylent and have wanted to try it. However, I could never drink a standard recipe because I have PKU, which requires a low phenylalanine diet (Phenylalanine is an amino acid found in most proteins). That means any recipe that calls for Whey Protein will not work. Even Masa flour would introduce too much protein (I limit myself to a little less than 10g of normal, phenylalanine-rich protein a day).

However, I have been working on a recipe on the DIY site. The main protein source is a powder called MTE Amino Acid Blend which is a prescription powder for people with PKU. It has the other essential amino acids, but does not contain Phenylalanine.

I would love to get some feedback on anything I am missing or problem areas the Soylent community sees with my formula:

Thank you!


Looks fine in terms of nutrition. Sulphur is normally found in protein in suficient amounts so I would assume that it is higher than indicated in reality :slight_smile:

Other than that there could be done some tweaking to get slightly less of some things and slightly more of others (to get closer to 100+% of things. But all values are within safe range and only some slightly below

Edit: alternativly you could take one of the other top recipes and simply replace the protein source with your protein


I did try to base my recipe off a popular recipe, but there are quite a few changes that I had to do to ensure there was a lot amount of protein.