Help with my ketogenic recipe, I implore you!


Here it is (based on QuidNYC’s cacao-tastic formula):

Am I going to keel over and die if I eat this, friends? I’m shooting for roughly a 60-30-10 balance of fat, protein, and carbs, with a moderate calorie deficit for weight loss. Female, mostly sedentary, though I do weights a couple of times a week (one session heavy, the other lighter). I’m very new to recipe development, so help with both nutrient balance and probable tastiness is very, VERY welcome.


According to your recipe, 65g Isopure chocolate contains 690g chloride… That should be 690mg, probably? I suppose you’re Dutch (as the chocolate is, too), keep in mind that you should use a dot as a decimal mark, not a comma. :blush:


Aha! Thank you. I fixed the quantity - it was still a little high, so I knocked the salt down by a gram.

And no, I’m not Dutch - I just can’t type my way out of a paper bag.