Help with my recipe


Since the Soylent has been pushed back to September now, I have been experimenting with my own soylent until the official stuff is ready.

this is based off the recipe FYI.

Add 1 oz of Alive! Multivitamins
Add 2 scoops (80g) of Whole Oat Powder ( Wasn’t in stock, not in my soylent )
Add 2 scoops (60.8g) of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard
Add 4 teaspoons (26g) of Now Organic Fiber-3 (this also has Calcium6%/Iron 4%/Sodium 5mg/total fat 4g/Protein 3g)
Add 6 teaspoons of NOW Potassium Gluconate
Add 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Add 6g of Jarrow Formulas MSM Sulfur Powder
Add 0.9 teaspoons of table salt
Add 1/2 teaspoon (2g) of Swanson Monosodium Phosphate ( Wasn’t in stock, not in my soylent )
Add 2 cups (200g) of NOW Foods Carbo Gain Maltodextrin

I mix this up in a big picture with about 4 16oz bottles of water, I also take:

Take 1 per day of NOW Iron Complex 100T
Take 2 per day of NOW Calcium and Magnesium
Take 1 per day of Nature’s Way Choline

Please all criticism/adjustments/improvments welcome! It’s my first attempt at soylent.


You’ll want those ingredients that weren’t in stock; the recipe isn’t nutritionally complete without them. Oat powder is basically the same thing as oat flour; Bob’s Red Mill sells it, you should be able to get it locally, and certainly online if not.

As for the monosodium phosphate, as far as I know it isn’t available; we’ve bought it all up. :-/ There are plenty of other ways to get phosphorus, but unfortunately I don’t know how to do it without substantial changes to the recipe. :-/ Oat powder/flour has some phosphorus in it, so that’s something.

I hate to tell you this after you’ve presumably bought all the ingredients, but the Beginner’s Recipe isn’t a very good recipe. It’s a misfortune for the soylent community that it’s the most easily googleable, and that fact is purely a result of the fact that it was one of the first. I think the most popular high-quality recipe right now is the hacker school soylent recipe. Sadly it has little overlap in ingredients with the Beginner’s Recipe.

If you’d like to use up your ingredients and not make any major changes, I’d say just get the oat flour and don’t do soylent full-time, because of the phosphorus issue. If you’d like to get your hands dirty, I’d recommend using This site lets you experiment with putting ingredients together and see how this affects your levels of each essential nutrient. It’s ultimately a pretty simple process; you basically just try to make all of the numbers go to 100%. Look at other people’s recipes and see what they have done.

If you want some specific advice on a way to revise the Beginner’s Recipe, with minimal changes, to incorporate phosphorus without using monosodium phosphate, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige.


Amazon says its in stock for Swanson monosodium phosphate, it is also in stock on the Swanson website:


Hey sweet! Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:


My advice would be mostly the same as Nick’s (sorry I called you Thomas all the time, I usually just take the easiest pronouncable part of the username :D).

That beginner’s recipe thing is not something I like, for many reasons, and it does tend to cause problems for people new to making Soylent.
Even so, if you follow the recipe, you need to follow it completely - no ingredients are optional.

Concerning your stool, no, that would most likely not be related to Vitamin C - excess Vitamin C usually goes to the urine, not your stool. As far as I know anyways.
Actually, nothing in Soylent should be causing this, unless an ingredient has gone bad. Likely candidates for this would be that liquid multivitamin stuff and the oatmeal stuff you were using as a replacement.
Have you bought everything new for Soylent, and have you cooled the Multivitamin?


Yes everything was bought new and used that same day to make it, The Alive multivitamin was not cooled, i figured it didn’t need to be since that’s how its sold in stores, plus i had made my soylent mix, left it in the fridge over night and then started using it the next day so by the time I had gotten to it it was chilled, Not sure if that’s what you mean, The two ingredients that were out of stock before I have now ordered and are on the way, Perhaps this will help.


Have the stool problems since stopped?
I would suspect they are from something else than the Soylent, but of course we should make sure.


Yes they did, it was only a issue the first day, I even talked to rob about this and he never experienced this issue. Here’s what he told me:

“I have not tested that recipe myself but at first glance it seems the protein may be a bit low and the fiber a bit high. I’ve never had a green bowel movement but excess vitamin B12 will turn your urine green”


My completely unqualfied diagnosis: You ate something bad the day before. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be completely honest it was Taco Bell, and lets not sugar coat it, they aren’t known for having the healthiest food out there.


FYI - The Alive! Multivitamins needs to be refrigerated after opening… says it on the bottle.


Thank you Ado, I totally over looked that! Runs to the kitchen


Glad to see you’re getting this sorted! :slight_smile:


Thanks nwthomas! I’m excited to see how it goes with the full ingredients now finally. I’ll keep this post updated.


Also, does anyone know why this recipe makes you take the:

  1. Take 1 per day of NOW Iron Supplements for 18 mg of Iron-$1.89

  2. Take 2 per day of NOW Calcium and Magnesium-$2.25

  3. Take 1 per day of Nature’s Way Choline

and not mix them in with the soylent?


You can mix them in if so desired.


The author of that recipe is no longer here, right?

My guess would be that he didn’t know what mortar and pestle are. :smiley:
(Or he wanted to keep things simple for the reader, which is why it is the beginner’s recipe and part of why I don’t like it. Simply swallowing the tablets might be easy, but it is also wasteful as usually not everything can be absorbed if the full daily amount is taken at the same time)