Help with my Soylent?


So it’s pretty basic, but I can’t figure out a figure out the last thirty percent or so. Also, I plan on adding more protein powder as soon as I find a good (cheap) source.

Hopefully that works.
On a note, I’m really awful at math so if I’ve done anything wrong, please let me know. I’m planning on purchasing all the ingredients soonish and I don’t want to die or something.


Initial feedback:

  • If you’re getting 48g out of your protein powder and it’s still coming out to 71 days, that’s honestly pretty cheap. That’s $1.25 / Day, and my formula’s protein powder, while cheaper, lasts far less time, bringing the cost per day to $2.87.

  • Why have you chosen to only use 0.5g of MSM powder instead of 2g / day? If you’ve decided that you’ll only need 0.5g, you should adjust the “Total” Row (Row 16) to reflect 0.5 under sulfur, so that your completion index will more accurately reflect the formula as per your needs.

  • You can cross reference your gender / age using this guide from the NIH against all of the values on your sheet to further adjust what you need. Doing this for myself caused a lot of changes to the sheet and brought me closer to 100%, using the ingredients I already had.

  • I’m pretty sure that your Alive! Multivitamin uses Niacinamide as its Niacin instead of actual Niacin. The UL for Niacin is 35mg / day, but the UL for Nicotinamide, which is identical in function to Niacin, is 3000mg/day. See this thread for a little more info.

  • Your Total for Calories. Carbs, Protein and Fat is missing. Is this intentional? If I edit the spreadsheet on my desktop and calculate the totals for those four columns (and thus give it to the Completion Index) it increases the Completion Index from 72% to 82%.

  • You’re missing a lot of Phosphate - this is my source from Amazon.

  • I recommend that for your Sodium and Chloride, you use Sodium Chloride Table Salt. Usually you can pick up a 300g+ thing of it at a grocery store for 99c. This from a Cost Per Day perspective makes it practically free. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • You might have accidentally added the values for calcium under the wrong ingredient - I see that under Lecithin (granules/liquid) there is a value, just above Calcium Carbonate Powder, which shows no values at all. If that’s the case, and you’re using powder, why are you choosing to use only 0.3g? There is no value for Days Per Unit so I’m not sure if this is because the item is pretty expensive.

  • Considering your Flaxseed is relatively inexpensive, I would consider increasing the consumption of that as well to close off your fiber needs.

  • You have the string ‘vvvvvvvbikllllllllllllllllllllllllll’ in Cell A1 on your sheet. No idea what that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise it looks pretty good so far mate!


Thank you!

  • Yeah, it took me forever to find a cheapish source of protein, but I found someone selling ten pound bags of O.N. for sixty five dollars plus shipping.
  • I heard that you still get sulfur from the protein powder and whatnot. Plus, if I’m only using .5 grams, I can still eat something if I choose to and hopefully not have to worry about side effects of having too much.
  • I heard that you still get sulfur from the protein powder and whatnot. Plus, if I’m only using .5 grams, I can still eat something if I choose to and hopefully not have to worry about side effects of having too much.
  • Cool, thanks for that. Plugging in the changes currently.
  • Does that effect the amount that it comes out to or anything?
  • Yeah, I’m not sure how much phosphate is one serving, if that makes sense. So I just left it blank. Also, do you think this would be okay to use?
  • Yeah, will do. I’m pretty sure I’ve already got a giant container somewhere. Would you recommend idodized or non?
  • I don’t see any servings for calcium so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Also, I have no idea what a serving of that would be, which is why I left it blank.
  • Wouldn’t that mess up my omega 3 to 6 ratio? (Not that I’m paying a super amount of attention to it, really) I’m going to be using a fiber my partner has lying around, Metamucil I think? to get the rest of my fiber needs.
  • Yeahhh…I think that was my cat. =l
    Cool, thank you so much. Really appreciate all the help.


Sooo I updated a lot of things, if anyone wants to look. Thanks if so.


You should probably account for the vitamins and minerals in oats, flaxseed, and almond milk. Off the top of my head oats have magnesium, manganese, and iron in significant amounts. flax is also high in magnesium.


I am very (very very) slowly gathering the ingredients I need for my Soylent. I’ve got five ingredients so far (including leftover protein powder so I still need to buy more but not for a few weeks) but hopefully within the next month, I’ll have all the ingredients I need and will be able to start my trials.


Does anyone know how much magnesium the NOW brand Potassium Chloride has? Under other ingredients it lists “Magnesium Carbonate (as flow agent).”