Help with nutrient details not specified on the official Soylent label


@rob @JulioMiles @ana - Any chance we could get the specifics for the following nutrients? I tried entering official Soylent in as an ingredient on, but had a hard time trying to figure these out:

  1. Chloride
  2. Sulfur
  3. Monounsaturated Fat
  4. Polyunsaturated Fat
  5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  6. Omega-6 Fatty Acids

The nutrition label lacks any details about them:

I did what I could using the information from the micronutrient and macronutrient blog posts, the FDA daily value table, and Wolfram Alpha, but I have no idea if my numbers are correct. The amount of sodium on the label doesn’t match the blog post, so I can’t be sure how accurate that information is. I looked through several threads on this forum (I’ve read most of them already) but didn’t find anything official regarding the amount of the above nutrients in Soylent.

If anyone cares, I was trying to make a recipe on the diy site to fit my nutritional profile using official Soylent as the base ingredient with a little help from @nickp’s auto-soylent . It’s really more of a thought experiment than anything, as I don’t know if the resulting recipe would be filling or even drinkable (coconut oil is a paste unless it’s warmed up).

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I would also like to see this.


I’m trying to find the same exact information for the same exact reasons.


Also, Omega 3 is 2.5g taken from the front page of Look at the “What’s in Soylent” section.


Good luck. This is a request from months ago.


I’m going to bump this, as I’d like to know this as well. @MattCauble can you hook us up?


Ingredient suppliers provide us with varying levels of nutritional information. The FDA does not mandate that they disclose a lot of this information and, as a food, we are not allowed to put most of this data on our official label. Below is a breakdown of these nutrients from our suppliers when available and from http://nutritionhealth.self when it is not. I have supplied links to our ingredients at the bottom.

  1. Chloride content comes from the sodium chloride. This is 2.1g of salt in Soylent. Total sodium chloride content of that is 2.06g. Sodium is .795g so Chloride is 1.265g. We use Redmond for our salt and they sell it on Amazon.
  2. We don’t get any information from our suppliers regarding sulfur content. We know there is some in the oats and rice protein. I will try to get a number for this soon.
  3. Soylent Canola oil has 57g/100 Monounsaturated Fat. 46g of Canola Oil in the oil bottle results in 26.22g.
    We don’t have the Monounsaturated Fat breakdown for our specific oat flour, but according to http://nutritionhealth.self, there is 8.9g/100 of Monounsaturated Fat. 110g of Oat flour means Soylent contains 9.79g Monounsaturated fat from Oats. Total = 36g
  4. Soylent Canola oil has 27g/100g Polyunsaturated Fat. 46g of Canola Oil in the oil bottle results in 12.42g.
    Oat flour has 3g/100g Polyunsaturated Fat. 110g of oat flour results in 3.3g Polyunsaturated fat from oats.
    Fish oil has 365mg/g of Omega-3 (Polyunsaturated Fat). There is 7g of Fish oil in the Oil Blend resulting in 2.5g of Polyunsaturated Fat. Total = 18g
  5. Soylent Fish Oil contains 2.5g of total Omega-3 (see calc above). Fish oil Omega-3 is 180mg/g of EPA and 119mg/g of DHA. So 1.26g of EPA and 833g of DHA is 2.09g DHA/EPA. ALA omega-3 content from canola oil is 9.38g/100, from oats is .145g/100g. 4.3g+.16 = 4.46g of ALA. Note: I’m looking into where the rest of the omega-3 claim comes from on the COA below.
  6. The Omega-6 content was not provided by any of our suppliers but according to http://Nutritiondata.self , canola oil contains 18.6g/100g, fish oil contains 2.154/100g and oats contains 3.19g/100g. Total in Soylent is 8.56+.15+3.5 = 4.4g

I hope this helps. As you can see, food companies all the way up the chain don’t put all of the time necessary into providing chemical information because regulation doesn’t force them to and people don’t demand it. We would like to dedicate resources into testing ingredients further when we can.

Exact amount in Soylent (of everything)

Coconut oil is almost all Saturated fats. What is your inclination to go with this as your lipids source?


Is there a breakdown of the Amino Acid profile?


That would interresting too indeed