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Please help @JulioMiles or @ana, I tried e-mailing, but it has not really yielded any useful form of customer service.

So, I have two Fedex tracking numbers that look like they were created at the same time. However it looks like only one shipped. The one that shipped is the starter kit, and that should be arriving today. However the one that contains the actual months worth of Soylent looks like the only step that has been taken was that shipping information was sent to Fedex, and it remains in the status of “Initiated”. This was an order I placed as a backer.

However yesterday, I received an e-mail asking me to confirm my address for my subscription, explaining to me my subscription would be sent out shortly. Based on how that e-mail was worded it looks like you had assumed that I had recently received my Soylent already (which in theory would be accurate based on what seems should have happened) so it would be kinda weird if the subscription got here before my backer order.

Also, just to make a point to preempt any potential issue. I was already charged for my subscription in May so I would appreciate not being charged again (not saying you are willingly doing it, just recognizing that this process may be messy).

Thank you guys for all the hard work you are doing in bringing this idea to reality.


They seem to be having some rather serious problems with their shipping/subscription systems. (I think they tried to switch from one system to another and this created huge problems with some customers/orders not crossing over from one system to the other).

My second ‘subscription’ order should have shipped 5 days ago but it didn’t. I brought this to their attention and they said it would ship on Friday (it didn’t). Then they said it would ship on Monday (it “fell off the truck” and didn’t ship even though they sent me a tracking number). Now they say it is supposed to ship today, but so far the tracking number for today’s shipment still says ‘Initiated’ but doesn’t show any package being picked up by FedEx.

I’ve seen other posts of people’s orders ‘falling through the cracks’ and being attributed to orders from the BackerKit system not making it to the new system.

It’s funny because you would think that the databases and computer systems should be the part the a ‘Silicon Valley Startup’ should be able to get right.


FedEx tracking seems to be a hit or miss to me. Its possible you’ll get both your starter kit and Soylent at the same time, due to FedEx tracker issues, it may only be updating the starter kit tracking number.


I’ve used FedEx ground and when we ship 3 boxes it only seems to update the primary tracking number until the items are delivered then it shows all items delivered. Everything does show up together.


I see your order and will re-ship today. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Thank you Matt. I’m assuming that means that it didn’t already ship and that it’s not somehow linked to the starter kit tracking number like people are saying. In any event, I guess I’ll find out soon when I pick it up from the local FedEx office!


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