Help with tricky flour situation


My partner is allergic to gluten, enough that oats bother her. Corn has also been causing issues as well, so that maybe is off the menu as the main flour.

So, without oat, wheat, or corn, what are my options for flours (or other bases) and what should I know? Almond flour is good, but quite pricey.

Here is my base recipe (which I’m pretty proud of) :

She could also have dairy or non-dairy milk, so I might be able to use something like this


I know that rice flour is fairly popular. Searching the DIY section shows quite a few recipes that are made with rice flour as a base. Here is a link to a recipe that uses rice flour as a main ingredient. (I can’t vouch for the taste as that is just a quick search result)


Thanks, I hadn’t thought of rice flour. I’ll see if I can get some and see how it works.

This is my recipe for her so far.

It still needs some work. I prefer the lower corn flour in my oat recipe, and a couple nutrients are a bit short.

Thanks a bunch.


Before investing into inventory - you may try samples of rice based formulas - it might save not money but time as well.


You could replace the vitamin with either of these and save money, reduce the number of ingredients, and fill some of the nutritional gaps in your recipe.

If your still short on calcium I recommend this as a cheaper source.