Here I Come Soylent!

I’m very excited to start my Soylent journey! about 3 years ago, my friend and I tried Soylent, had about two glasses of it and decided to never do it again. Well, never say never because here I am trying it again. I decided this time I’m going to dive head first into a 100% Soylent diet.

My first shipment of the powder will arrive this week, and I’m starting first thing Saturday morning.

I’ve read a few other posts here about adding psyllium husk for fiber (I definitely will need to with my already problematic bowels). I’m not super concerned about the flavoring (I can eat anything) but I will look towards adding some flavorings to it later.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions for making sure everything goes smoothly? Thanks!


I admire your enthusiasm! However I’d advise a bit of caution with regards to jumping straight into a 100% Soylent diet. IMO that’s likely setting yourself up to fail. Very few people that I’m aware of have gone zero to 100% for any real length of time without being fairly miserable. I also think there’s no need for that.

Start by replacing one meal… maybe the one you know you should have but generally don’t (for most people this is breakfast). Or replace the meal where you tend to make poor choices for lack of time or out of convenience (lunch usually). Then over time you can ramp up to as much of your diet as you’d like. I’m probably averaging around 75% or so ever since the very first orders of Soylent were shipped. My other half is probably around 50% since that time as well.

Regardless of what you choose to do though, welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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I agree. Your body will rebel against such an abrupt change in diet and it will not be a fun experience. All the more likely that you won’t stick with it. Your gut biome needs time to adjust to such a different food source. I highly suggest starting with just one meal a day for at least a week, if not more before ramping up to more.


UPDATE: Day 3 of my soylent diet.

I did some pondering on the advice of “don’t jump straight into 100% soylent.” I ultimately decided to do it anyway. So far, so good. I’m pleasantly surprised with the taste. When I tried it (just a sip) a few years ago, I thought it was absolutely disgusting. My husband thinks it’s disgusting now, but I like it.

My body is handling it just fine. The psyllium husk fiber supplement is working wonders and keeping me regular, so thank you to all the people who made that suggestion in other threads.

Today, I blended it with some frozen fruit to make it more smoothie like. I can barely taste the berries, so I’m going to try increasing how much I use tomorrow.

I read in other places about how some people experience changes in mood, initial drops in energy levels, noxious gas, food cravings, and hunger. So far, I’ve only experienced the food cravings, so I’m going to count that as a win, but I’m still in my first week so that could change.

All in all, Soylent is great and I’m glad I decided to do this.


I noticed there wasn’t any mention of a motivation here. So clue us in, what prompted this change? Is there a goal on the horizon? Is this a personal challenge?

Knowing “why” would make this topic more interesting (for myself at least). It could help garner more conversation and also maybe give us a reason to cheer you on in the process, lol. So c’mon, tell us.

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Okay @JustSnilloc, I’ll tell you.

I’m a little overweight (40 pounds) and definitely not as healthy as I could be. I’m trying this diet to get into shape, lose some weight, and overall have a better health. I’m 24 and feel like I’m 60 sometimes because of my health. Only 4 days into this diet now, and I already feel a significant change. I don’t have any acid reflux now, for starters.

Once I lose the excess weight and have wonderful health, I’ll probably go to using soylent for about half of my meals. I gotta admit, last night I made dinner for my husband and I may have sneaked a few of his brussels sprouts (those are my favorite vegetable). So it’s more like 98% soylent diet right now, but close enough. :slight_smile:


I think sneaking a few vegetables can be overlooked. LOL

If I liked vegetables, I’d never hesitate to eat them.

I’m a natural born weirdo. I don’t really like fruits that much - I like them in smoothies, jellies and jams, those sorts of things but not really on their own. But I love vegetables. Every single vegetable. That stuff is absolutely wonderful.

UPDATE: Today I woke up feeling a little sluggish, first time that’s happened since starting on soylent. Other than that, everything is going great and I lost two pounds in my first week, so I’d say this a super success!


I am actually planning to do this as well. I want to break some bad habits fill in the serious holes in my diet and then hopefully gain a proper healthy relationship with food. I have the “intent” of going 100 but I don’t know if ill be that serious because my goal is a healthy mindset with food. If i want an apple, or an orange healthy food in general i won’t deny myself that. I am pretty secure in my ability to do it. I actually really enjoy liquid diets but have never had a proper meal replacement. Just like slim fasts for breakfasts and carnation stuff like that. I’m really excited and also sad. :stuck_out_tongue: the sale they have today would save me so much on the supplies! Like… So much. But i gotta wait tell July 1st. Hope they have a new sale then xD

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It’s such a change in life! I love this 100% soylent. I’m going on vacation in a few weeks to Disneyland and Six Flags, and this product made meal choosing so much easier and simpler and now I don’t have to take time out of my day in the park to eat, just continue to stand in lines and wait for rides (doesn’t sound as much fun once I actually typed it out, haha).

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Soylent is excellent on vacation even if you don’t go 100%. Great to have a choice regarding when to spend money on over priced food and when to just drink a Soylent instead.

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