Here is a novel idea

If something tastes like plastic, makes you puke, gives you gas, makes your bum hair turn green, or makes you just not feel right in general, DON’T ingest it, Don’t whine and complain online, jist DON’T buy it.

On the flip side if something works, MAKE it. You don’t need to constantly “innovate” while taking away a product most people still want.

McDonald’s kills tons of people every year but you don’t see them saying “Woah nelly we discontinued the the Mac because 17 fat fucks got diarrhea after eating it.”

Bring back 1.5
Keep it as an option.


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I just had some 1.5 two days ago. It was barely drinkable. I just had some 1.6 a couple of hours ago. It was great. Since 1.6 was being produced recently, and was unexpectedly popular, said RL as a reason for a brief supply shortage, it would be easier for RL to continue shipping it but simply require some sort of waiver from customers who want it.


Its not that simple. People will try a product X. If it makes them sick, the first time they might think its them. The second time they might doubt the product. Regardless people will share their experiences and that is important. You go to check out product reviews on websites to see what others think of it, right? We depend on those opinions and experiences. So you cant expect people to be silent about any bad experiences.

Now if a significant number of people do have bad experiences with a product its possible that it has a problem. Remember there’s no one version of 1.6 which is 100% identical. There are batches. Every batch was made from a certain group of ingredients. Its possible that a certain batch had a problem for example, if the wheat or rice or whatever had a problem and the plant that produced that batch of rice at that time made a mistake or something else happened. Maybe there was a water leak etc, who knows.
So its possible that one part of the population didnt have a bad experience with 1.6 because they hadnt consumed the batch that had an issue. The company has to get to the bottom of it and find a cause and find a solution.

Its a natural part of any business. Sometimes mistakes are made, sometimes there’s bad luck or whatever.

I’ve used soylent since it started and I’ve used 1.6 a few times and it was ok. Its just the last time it wasnt ok, the batch I tried. I will wait for the next batch or version. They said 1.7 will be ready next year.

On the flip side if something works, MAKE it. You don’t need to constantly “innovate” while taking away a product most people still want.

Companies try to improve products all the time and thats good. Maybe its best for them to keep product versions active for those who like it.

So once again we cant expect people to be silent about bad experiences with products and also we shouldn’t see things in black and white. There are nuances to everything and there’s a rational approach. For me the rational approach is to not panic, stop using the product because it made me sick, allow the company time to do their investigation and create a new version and then I’ll give it another try when its ready.

I’m not sure it’s bad batches exactly. More like poorly mixed lots. Hence some bags are fine and others are very bad.

I like Rosa Labs but… you’re coming on a little strong.

What’s the difference between a batch and a lot?

A batch is made up of multiple lots.


A batch is the unit of production - a product is made in a large batch.

A lot is a unit of distribution - a batch can be broken into one or more lots depending on how it’s being distributed, sold, packed, stored…