Here's an interesting cheap nutritious diet

Here’s an interesting article from the Daily Mail

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Ah, so that’s the kind of crazy diet it takes to get a professional to recommend Soylent:

However Catherine Collins, a spokesman for the British Dietetic Association and NHS dietitian for more than 30 years, said milk lacks important nutrients like vitamin D and iron, which could put people at risk of anaemia if they remained on the diet for a long time.


‘I would not advise people to do it, but if they want to try a liquid diet, I’d recommend commercial meal replacements which are fortified with micronutrients and are available in different flavours to avoid taste fatigue and boredom.’


With calorie free Johnny Moo Milk Flavoring drops, you could have a whole lot of variety! Add in a one-a-day vitamin and you have a pretty cost effective meal replacement regimen.

Who Knew!?

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Baby cows. …

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If you used some of the milk to make yoghurt, you could enhance the milk nutritian further. An interesting diet to try for a week. I’m of the generation that isn’t lactose intolerent and love milk so I could lose most of the weight I put on over Christmas. I think I’ll give it a try.

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