Here's my three source recipe :)


I started the recipe from scratch with a different approach than what most use when it comes to structure, I like it to be as detailed as possible.
In the end it turned out pretty similar to the recipe of @CuriousBen, so thanks to him and also @SNAFU and @Philip_H who helped me a lot.
What’s not shown in the recipe is that I plan to use chocolate cookies flavoured whey isolate exclusively, because I really want it to be enjoyable for me and not something I have to force down my throat.
That’s also why I considered to replace some Maltodextrin for Dextrose but I’ll save that for a later version.
-Micronutritional values on the macronutrients are not supposed to be complete or fully correct, please take note of that.
-The DRI values are somewhat influenced by other recommodations, that’s why there is a ~ sign in front.
There’s not much else to say, I hope you can give some tips or maybe point out a mistake :smiley:
>Here is the link<

Three sources: Amazon, Bulkpowders, Internetapotheke Freiburg.


Wow, I didn’t think anyone’s spreadsheet could possibly be more detailed than mine. I’ve been proven wrong lol.

My only concern with any of these recipes based purely on olive oil is that they might not meet the body’s need for a-linoleic acid or linolenic acid and also probably have a very unhealthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. A 1:1 ratio is optimal, anything above 1:2 generally promotes inflammation.

I guess that’s more of a general soylent concern though. I would add some form of ALA. Unless it;s in there and I missed it.

Nevermind you appear to be meeting both but the ratio is still a little on the unhealthy side.

Have you worked out the daily cost for this yet?

I’m thinking about changing from a foods based soylent to a pure soylent and this would a be a great recipe to base it off of.


Hi and thanks for your input,
I found the ratio to be very easy to tweak by just changing how much of the fat comes from canola oil and how much from olive oil. The reason why I am on a 3:1 rather than a 2:1 ratio nonetheless is just because I don’t want to have too much om3 from an absolute standpoint; I read that about 1.5-2g is recommended aside from any ratio and canola oil just has relatively few amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats to fill the space. Though I am not even sure if that is something to worry about or not.
I hope that made somewhat sense.

The daily cost for my initial investment will be enormeous as I will only order enough for two weeks to be on the safe side, but long-term it should be slightly below the 5€-mark.


Keeping the ratio around 1:3 or lower reduces risk of certain cancers but other than that I don’t think it does much. I consider it important so I keep all mine to 1:1 ratios. Flaxseed oil does this best.

…what’s that is US dollars? lol


Here’s a pretty neat trick for conversions


5€ per day?


Sure, what did you expect? Whey Isolate is mostly the moneykiller. But I don’t think it’s very expensive for what you get.


Haha well mine is entirely real food sources and costs slightly less.
Ah, well it hardly matters it’s definitely less expensive than whole foods.

I’ll be using your recipe mixed with Rob’s recent updates for mine.


Does anyone have experience with the different flavours of Bulkpowders Whey Proteins? I am still uncertain what will be the best with plain water as they are made for milk:
Banana, Chocolate or Chocolate Cookies…


Alright so noone got stuff from BP before? I don’t believe you guys…


hmm, I think I have tried chocolate and chocolate cookies in the isolate from there. The chocolate cookies is very sweet. The sweetener is very, erm, aggressive I would say :wink: I use a small amount (5g) of whey isolate with soy (25g). It works quite nicely in the soylent, but suspect it would be overpowering if it was all the chocolate cookies.

I neck 30g of the chocolate cookies flavour post workout though, and in this respect it is fine (better than unflavoured for this purpose).

Don’t remember the chocolate taste, perhaps the same strong sweetness just less ‘peculiar’ :wink:

Very subjective though obviously.


Ordered now, BP and amazon stuff is here already and rest should take a while…
If anyone signs up at,
please use my referral code so we both get 5 pounds off: NS96068


Not to toot my own horn, but it should be possible to make cheaper. Here’s my recipe and that is including the transport and VAT to Denmark. I don’t think it would be any more expensive to get it transported to Germany


Aren’t the nutritional facts of pomegranate juice and oats a problem? Unless you get an analysis paper from the manufacturer it’s more of a guess of what exactly you find in there, so that’s why I avoided real food like that in my recipe.


I have chosen to avoid pomegranate. However, the oats nutrient data is pretty well established, so I feel pretty safe using it. Besides, I like the taste of oats :smile:


I’m uncertain about the need for ALA. Does anybody know if the body actually needs ALA itself, or if it is only recommended as a source for EPA and DHA? That is, could fish oil fulfill your whole need for omega 3 without getting any ALA?

Also Gero: I believe Soy protein isolate can be had cheaper per-gram of protein than whey. May be worth considering for the future.


I don’t think you need ALA but it helps to improve the fatty acid ratio. You could go for fishoil only but if you want to maintain a good ratio you really need a source with lots of saturated and monounsaturated fat.


a-Linoleic acid and Linolenic acid are the two “Essential fatty acids”, you need them in your diet and in certain quantities.


They are precursors to EPA and DHA. My question is whether they are essential because they are a precursor to those two which are essential but very rare in the diet, or if they are important in their own right.


I can’t find anything explicitly stating it but they are also a precursor for certain eicosanoids so it’s not just for the production of EPA and DHA.

It seems like EFAs are essential for optimal health. If you don’t get enough EFAs you will develop a dermatitis “similar to that seen in zinc or biotin deficiency.” That’s plenty of evidence to me to include adequate amounts of both EFAs.