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May I ask for some feedback. If my soylent is slightly dangerous in any way? I’m going to be having it as a snack and still eating regular snacks alongside it. I’m unsure about 500g of one ingredient and I left sulfur at 50%, no panthotenic acid, molybdenum, chromium because i couldn’t find nutrition information for them in the ingredients but I realise my ingredients may have the small amounts needed of those things and if I bought say pure sulfur and added it I may be adding too much. Biotin; I read the gut produces it and I’m fine not having to be bothered to have one powder for just one mineral - I want it to be easy to make.

Just to emphasise. I just want to be told if there’s any glaringly obvious mistakes that will be harmful in anyway. I’m not too bothered say if dextrose isn’t quite as good quality as maltodextrin for example or whether one ingredient has a slightly better/worse taste than another substitute. And I’d like to be told the reason of why the problem is there rather than just getting imperatives.


Have it as a snack and still eat regular snacks alongside it? No meals? Because you’ve got 2600 calories there (no idea how many you typically consume), so you might want to shoot for fewer overall calories if you’re still planning on eating otherwise. You know your situation better than the anonymous internet.

Glaringly obvious errors? Not really that I see. I’d be a little nervous pushing that close up against the max UL for Niacin, Manganese and perhaps Zinc. Personally, I’m also paranoid about getting too much Iron (my iron levels are higher than the average person), but that may not be a concern for you.

As you said, it does seem a little strange to have 500g of one ingredient. Cutting that down a bunch (and raising the dextrose to compensate) would pull you a little farther away from those Upper Limits. Crossing the Upper Limit boundaries on a consistent basis is bad news… worse for some vitamins/minerals than others, but something that should be avoided universally where possible.

As for the reasoning, aside from possible variances regarding an individual’s upper limit, if you’re continuing to eat other food they may have those minerals which could put you over anyway.

Hey, I had no idea parsley had so much Vitamin K. Thanks for the tip!


That whole family of herbs does. Parsley, Sage, Oregano, etc.
Problem is it makes for a disgusting recipe; I used it for my first soylent.

I’ve heard that Kale also contains high amounts of vitamin k, and so is possibly a better substitute.


Thanks. I’ve got a new version version in terms of amounts. It has less choline and fibre but I think the nutrients/minerals are less close to their upper limits - niacin, zinc. I heard on nwthomas’s video that oat powder stops the absorption of some nutrients/minerals and I actually hate oats anyway so this dextrose and protein chocolate flavour will stand more chance of equalising.

I just wanted to make the version match the recomendation in terms of calories per day - I’ll just divide it by 3 and have 3 of them a day or 1/2 and then just snacks I like etc.