Hexane used to extract oil for Canola Oil. Does Soylent use oil extracted with Hexane?


What do people have to say about Hexane used to extract Canola Oil? Does Soylent use Canola oil that is not extracted with Hexane?

Concern over canola oil

I personally prefer to use oil that is processed with care, so I plan on using Udo Oil 3-6-9 blend for my oil. I’ve been using it off and on for years, and it’s a great product. I’ve also used Barleans because these two companies understand the damage done to oils with modern processing all for yield and shelf life, but not for health.


I don’t have an immediate answer for this question but I’ll look into it!


more important would be the question of… even if hexane was used, are there any traces of it in the oil itself?


What is there to say? Hexane extraction has been around for 70+ years. It is not on the carcinogens list (but is regarded as a potential inhalation hazard at high concentrations and just what that concentration is depends on the isomer). I guess it sounds scary, but as it is effective in extracting oils (it is a big player in the soybean world), generally doesn’t react with the material it is being used to extract from (which is what you want for food products), and is relatively easy to drive off (evaporate) so your product is left for the most part uncontaminated (I have no doubts you can detect some hexane in food products treated with it, but I’d want to know relative concentrations - we have extremely good detection devices these days - witness the ability to detect cocaine on your currency), then I’d say it has good track record. Plus, alternative producers can make a niche making it sound scarier than it is and charging you more to do some sort of steam extraction. Everybody wins.


Oil extraction is a pretty involved process, if it isn’t “Cold Pressed” then it was probably extracted using Hexane according to this site:


I try to only use cold pressed organic oils so Canola is not my best choice. I believe Canola is a naturally genetically modified plant from the rapeseed plant. I prefer flax oil based products, but they have to be refrigerated and the shelf life is only on the order of months.