Hey how many Soylent users plan on re-ordering multiple times?


Meaning that you are so happy and satisfied with the product that you plan on continuing for a extended period…Discounting the current delivery/fulfillment issues now of course.

I plan on going past the 6 months I’m waiting for, based on the amazing experience I had with diy…I really think a solution like this is perfect for me.

Ambronite looks good to, even though it’s different in so many ways, it’s just too expensive for me.


Probably kinda goes without saying seeing as I think we’re currently halfway through our 4th order… =)


I’m never going to give it up. Haha. This stuff does too much for me to go back to normal food. I should be expecting my second reorder soon.


I expect to be using Soylent for as long as someone makes it.


Out of curiosity, what kind of effects are you noticing and how long did they take to appear?


Initially, it was just a better stability in energy levels and focus. Nothing awe-inspiring, I just stopped having days where I didn’t function right, mentally. And those happenned intermittently before.

With my recent experiments, I’ve been experiencing sharping focus and greater mental stamina/energy. But overall, Soylent mostly eliminates my lows.

If you want more detail, I update my personal log on the forums weekly. So you can see my adventures and when I started to see the benefits. If it doesn’t say there exaclty when the elimination of the lows happened, they happened pretty much as soon as I made my psyllium husk adjustment.


I’m working my way through a 4-month initial order. 2+ months in so far. I definitely see myself re-ordering, but I would also love to see a version that gets more of its calories from protein rather than carbs. I would switch to an official Soylent version that is protein heavy in a heart-beat.


Will keep reordering. It’s a diet staple now.


Original backer here with an initial 2 month order so I’ve had it for a while.

I’ve had a few reorders via the monthly subscription already. I’ve been sharing with my dad who is going to set up his own subscription soon. I’ll probably end up dropping my subscription to 2 boxes every 4 weeks once my dad starts getting his subscription orders. I’ve also given out bags to several coworkers, a few of which are going to be subscribing if they haven’t already. I typically only drink it for breakfast, though I’m trying to use it for the occasional lunch.

I’ve given out tons of bags of the stuff and have only had one person that actually disliked it. She said it was like drinking sand, which makes me think she didn’t follow my directions properly when preparing it.


This is something I’d like to see the company solve somehow. Right now, there is way too much room for “pilot error” in the use of Soylent. Water ratios, oil amounts, soaking time, oil timing, temperature… so many places someone can go wrong and have a low quality experience. It really needs to be a product that you can’t screw up (except maybe the temperature issue, since obviously it isn’t going to be prepared cold…)


I plan to be on this basically forever, to be honest. This is my long term solution. Only about 3 weeks in, but have no desire to stop.


I plan to as well until society shapes up in a lot of ways. I think historically there were better options for people, but over the 20th century (watch the excellent documentary “Century of the Self”), marketing took precedence over quality and by the end, we have a vast majority of incredibly unhealthy options for the cheapest prices, while quality foods are both hard to find and much more expensive. Soylent to me represents a reaction to this, something that restores the balance.

I have no regrets, I was sure to try most of the world’s cuisine many times over before making this transition, even cooking quite a few cuisines myself, which I will continue to do from time to time.

But in the next few decades, many things will have to give. Global society might have to simply agree to give up beef as the footprint it costs is becoming too much for the planet to bear (unless the population is somehow greatly downsized). People who ought to feel guilty about the way they coerce the food and beverage industries in terrible ways will have to begin to feel guilty, or retire and be replaced by a new generation which hopefully has a stronger moral compass than the previous.

You can draw a lot of parallels across trends in the 20th century - the same people who were doing this were also shutting down any potential for electric vehicles so that scarcity-based fossil fuel industries could thrive over the decades, at the awful expense of climate change and an uncertain future. It’s hard to say if any of these people knew what they were doing and did it anyways or not - but if they did - it is difficult to fathom how they could sleep at night.

But anyway, at least there is a new generation, largely on the West Coast of North America, who are working hard to set things right again. And anyone in this circle of new companies who is doing their part right, is someone I would support until the end.


I’m probably going to hit up the reorder page the moment I get confirmation that my backer order from last year shipped :smiley:


I’ll definitely be reordering sometime soon, once my supply drops a little more and I can forecast my usage going forward. I’ve hardly had any negative effects other than a small amount of gas and the convenience factor is enormous for me, plus I genuinely enjoy the flavor.

I’m looking forward to some of the ‘bugfixes’ in future iterations of Soylent, and possibly other variations – I would love to have two or three formulations in the pantry to switch between depending on my plans for the day – but I’m definitely sticking with it.