High Carb, Low Fat, Lower Calorie Dense Soylent


Hello! I would really like to see a high carb/low fat/ lower calorie version of soylent available in the future. Before going to soylent I was living on a whole foods, plant based diet that was very high in carbs, but lot in fats. There were no added oils or extra fats. I have done much research on nutrition and have found many findings that the human body tends to thrive on lowfat, high carb, plant based diets. I feel that many people including myself would love to see different variations of soylent available as well. Different people may have unique goals. The original soylent gets the basics down pat, but I think a lot of people would greatly appreciate more formulas for different lifestyles. I would love so see keto, lower calorie, high carb and low fat options available in the future! <3 What variation of soylent would you like to be made available? Thanks for reading!


I’m with you. I would live off the stuff if they didn’t put so much fat in it.


“Soylent for fast metabolisms”?


Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you meant by the comment >,< can you please rephrase?


I find that soylent also makes me sleepy and sweat after a whole meal of it… My body isn’t used to all the fat… It makes me feel really sluggish after eating it… Have you had this experience?


Complete agreement with you. Higher carb, lower fat would be ideal. I think the challenge would be to see if they could keep the glycemic index low in such a formulation, given that it is liquid.


I like the fat and sugar content of “Sun Warrior” vanilla vegan protein powder :slight_smile: It’s higher carb and only 2 grams of fat and 0grams of sugar. (Nothing added whatsoever in the sugar department.) It tastes very bland, but since we are drinking soylent, I don’t think that would matter too much lol! But yeah, If they had a backer for a low fat/high carb soylent, I would get right behind that <3


A lot of people have asked for this and it has been discussed before. I think that the Soylent rep said it is something they hope to do in the future, but right now it would be difficult to have different formulations out there. They also have to be sure that whatever they are producing has to satisfy nutritional requirements.