High energy levels on 2.0

Hi folks, I know that similar topics have been beaten to death elsewhere, but I wanted to share something more specific than a general feeling of well-being that I get from 2.0 (although, in a word, I’d say I feel fantastic).

In short, my energy levels are through the roof. I’ve made the jump to ~95% 2.0 from ~70% 1.5. The only other time I’ve had this much energy was during my Food, Inc. phase, wherein I planned most of what I was going to eat with an eye toward vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Now, drinking coffee (which used to barely get the engine sputtering sometimes) transforms me into an absolute machine at work in the morning. Plus, instead of getting home and lazing around, I have enough gusto to exercise, clean house, and all sorts of things.

The most curious thing about the switch is the very low amount of 2.0 I can consume without issue. My recommended sedentary calorie intake hovers between 2400-2700kcal depending on which formula you use to calculate it, and on 2.0, I can go as low as 1600kcal per day with no noticeable drop in energy. My stomach might growl a bit here and there, but that bit of mild unpleasantness has been the only ill effect. As such, I’ve been able to cut calories and am finally starting to drop some unnecessary pounds. The exercise helps too, I’m sure, but most of it is strength training, not cardio.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? I get the sense that 2.0 was much more than a leap in convenience and palatability, as I didn’t have the same experience with near-exclusive intake of any of the powdered versions so far (though I did feel a lot better than my normal diet).


I had the same effect when I started doing DIY. I started immediately after seeing Soylent and finding a reasonable DIY recipe. Once Soylent started shipping I started using it as much as possible but couldn’t because of “horse killing farts”. I’m on 2.0 now and love it.

Back to the topic. I started exercising pretty soon after I started DIY. Nothing extreme just walking and enough lifting weights to put on a “normal” amount of muscle.


Soylent and coffee is the best breakfast combo ever. Definitely a nice boost in the morning.

I find that I can’t really drink more than 4 bottles of 2.0 in a day, but I compensate with solid foods to avoid losing weight. I usually go for around 2900 calories per day.


Oh, the farts. I do NOT miss those. However, I will miss the number of creative and hilarious ways people use to describe how awful they were. “Horse killing” is a new one.

My DIY recipe didn’t have the energy boosting effect, though it was admittedly not an optimal arrangement of nutriment by any stretch. I did replace most food with it anyway and did fine.

One of the concerns I have is whether 80g of protein is enough for non-intensive weight lifting. I know 2.0 has the upper bound for protein digestibility, but since I’m calorie-restricted also, am I potentially burning some of that protein as energy? Maybe that’s where some of the boost comes from.

If you are burning too much protein for energy, you will know. When I was on 50% 1.5, I was also rock climbing, and it became obvious that I wasn’t getting enough protein - every week I was noticeably weaker than the week before, and once I started supplementing with whey protein powder my strength came back quickly.

So as long as your exercising is going well, don’t worry, you’re getting enough protein. If you start getting weaker, try adding whey, casein, or soy protein to your 2.0, and that will probably solve the problem easily.


I’ve also noticed the energy perk with 2.0. I’ve never been able to go all day for more than 3 days in a row but have been doing 2-3 servings of Soylent with a solid meal later in the day. I plan on doing at least 2 weeks Soylent only starting later this week and hope to finally make the transition stick.

Maybe something in the new formula.

This dynamic, which I’ve experienced, really makes me wish a high-protein variety was available. But as @Conor indicated in another thread, these things will come along eventually. Hard to believe it’s only been a little over a year that I’ve been drinking Soylent. I don’t know how I functioned beforehand. But the pace of change has been impressively rapid in that time, even if it has since slowed considerably.