High Harvestime


I returned home yesterday from a visit with my parents to find Pennsylvania’s harvest in full mode. The display of produce by my grocer almost made me cry. A wall of beautiful, local, organic vegetables. Napa cabbage, kale, broccoli rabe, dandelion greens, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, carrots, celery, red onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic and ginger. I juiced and blended all of these along with the powdered ingredients in my diy. I completely forgot to add oil.

It’s the cure. For the past week, I substituted powdered kale for all of the vegetables. I also enjoyed modest portions of a few family favorites. I felt fine and appreciated the convenience, but the effect was nothing like this. Very energetic and upbeat. I can’t wait to try switching from powdered carbs to sprouted grains and beans.


I’d be interested to see how your macro’s level out after simplifying your recipe to powdered kale. and most importantly, how does it taste?


Hippie Juice dry, in progress.

It’s incomplete. The macros look decent. I didn’t apply the proper conversion factors for vitamin A supplied as carotene. From my other recipes, it’s probably around ten-fold lower. Manganese is a little high. Low sulfur is apparently rarely a problem if protein is sufficient and of high quality. Pantothenic acid has been a problem micro. It’s present in grains, so it may be supplied by ModCarb and just not reported.

The flavor depends on the source of the kale powder. I’ve used it from ActivZ and The Kale Factory. I believe ActivZ is made from freeze-dried kale. The flavor is very strong in the amount called for. It tastes just like you’d expect concentrated kale to taste, but I found it difficult to take. The Kale Factory’s organic kale powder is what I used last week. It’s dried at 115 F. It seemed to be of high quality and the flavor is milder. I looked forward to my meals all week. They also have wonderful kale chips. Bombay Ranch is my favorite.

There’s also Hippie Juice Simplified, using only a few fresh vegetables. I’ve experienced good effects with this as well, but this last batch of the original is extraordinary.