High phosphorous content in Soy Protein


I’ve got a relatively high phosphorous content in my Soylent. I don’t take any separate phosphorous, all of it is coming from actual ingredients. Mostly from Soy Protein, but also some other things. This in turn drives up the necessary calcium and magnesium, and since they’re in the same supplement, also zinc.

Any suggestions on how to bring the phosphorous down?


What do you mean? I don’t have any phosphorus in my… oh… crap on a cracker!


Thanks a lot, you just ruined my recipe!! :slight_smile:

My phosphorus just jumped from ~750 to ~1500. I thought I was so close, too.

Don’t trust the completeness of the nutrition labels on your stuff, is my lesson of the day.


I prefer using http://nutritiondata.self.com/ as much as possible, it seems to be better informed :smile:

But hey, don’t shoot the messenger! Your recipe was already ruined, I just attended you to it :wink:

So now there’s 2 people looking for a way to bring phosphorous down!


It’s not really a valid option for me due to price, but it looks like whey protein has less than 1/3 of the phosphorus.


Fair enough. I prefer keeping it vegan if possible though… hmmm


Pea protein would be my next suggestion, though I haven’t been able to find any information on its potassium content unfortunately (or indeed, much info on it’s micros at all).


I’ve been using a mix of whey and pea, I only do it to bring down daily protein cost though.


@schulte257 Do you have info on the micronutrient content of your pea protein?


Can anyone find any information on how much phosphorus you can expect in whey protein? Whey protein nutritional breakdown seems unreasonably hard to come by.