High protein diets have increased calcium requirements


I thought this was worth mentioning as I have seen a lot of high protein soylent recipes with 1g of calcium total,
My understanding is that a high protein diet leads to an increased level of calcium expelled in urine, raising the calcium requirement for that person.

Body building forums seem to recommend 1g calcium per ~50g protein per day. I do not know if this is correct exactly, but it is worth looking into. I especially see a lot of keto soylent recipes with ~150g protein and ~1g calcium.

Some of the recipe templates at diy.soylent.me/recipes should be changed if this is correct.

I hope I am not wasting your time with things you already knew!
Thanks for reading.


I think this might turn out to be an interesting discussion. I am going to give a qiuck response but have no time at the moment to cite sources, i will come back later.

There are three possibilities i found in a quick search. I will look more into it, but wanted to get the discussion started.

  1. Bones are made up of calcium and protein. The body excretes “excess” calcium because it actually has enough when coupled with the protein. No modification is needed.

  2. The excess protein cause the body to excrete too much calcium, suplementation is needed.

  3. The current recommendations are already artificially high to account for our high protein intake. Little to no supplementation is needed.