High Protien Soylent

Could Rosa Labs develop a secondary version of soylent in addition to 2.0 with maybe 30g protien for those who are trying to build muscle?


Of course they could… But they haven’t yet.


Probably because you can just add any protein you want…

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That would go against the value of the product, quick and easy and convenient. If i had to source other things and mix them into it i would not use it.

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I think you are missing the point of their product then? They have never shown a desire to make custom products because it complicates manufacturing and would raise prices.


Aim for the middle in terms of carbs and protein. You can always add more. Doesn’t help those of us who would like to see less of something (carbs in my case). While you may say that RL could increase their market share by offering a variety of formulas, costs would increase. The question is would the increased user share be enough that RL could absorb these extra costs? Would a keto Soylent be worth the added complexity in sourcing and manufacturing (and storage and shipping)?

Same goes with flavored Soylent.

Now I may be guilty of ascribing clairvoyant predictive and analytical powers to business types, but I am sure that over the years, there has been many a meeting to discuss this very thing, especially after others are doing differentiation in their product lines. And I am sure that with all of their analysis, the answer is, “Not yet.”

Sure they could. But I doubt it makes sense at this point in time. I also have no doubt that we’ll eventually see this kind of thing happen, eventually. But it’ll take a while. This thing needs more wheels and long-term stability, etc. This is still sorta in the “pioneer” stages, after all.

Personal experience: I dislike adding protein to my Soylent not just because of convenience, but it also adds too many calories; keeping the calories at my ideal level (while adding the protein) means negatives regarding nutrition profile & satiety.

“In a perfect world…” and all that.

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Just adding protein powder isn’t that straightforward, at least in my experience. The protein powder will dilute the soylent for a given calorie count, thus reducing all of the other nutritional components of soylent. An official high protein and possibly low carb version might be nice…

Also, slightly off topic. I would welcome a higher priced “designer” line with any other improvements/ingredients that might be more costly but are beneficial. More omegas, for example. For me the value proposition is less important than the convenience and health benefits. I wonder what a “no holds barred” version would look like if nutrition was primary focus (I realize there isn’t a consensus on what that perfect profile is yet).

I think the goal is to have perfect nutrition in the product itself, omega fatty acids have a ceiling just like every other nutrient. Right now the ceiling is believed to be a certain amount, if it turns out to be higher or lower then I expect the base product to change to reflect that.

RL has been engineering their formula around nutrients we have good evidence about, a “designer” formula would be more like an “experimental” formula where they include hypothetical nutrients that we don’t have good evidence for like pterostilbene and resveratrol, or super-dosing vitamin D.

While you’re waiting for Rosa Labs to address this sub-market, you can what everyone else does: Buy from one of the companies that grew from the open source nature of RLs development. They appeared when RL had very long lead times for Soylent 1.0 through 1.5. The best of them expanded into offering specialized versions of the basic idea and are still with us today.

http://SuperBodyFuel.com. is one such that I can highly recommend, having bought their goods more than thrice. I am very happy with them. I am very happy with their products.

They currently offer four specialty mixes, including Keto Fuel, and Light Fuel, and Athletic Fuel and Schmilk. The product names give a clue about the need they fill.

Schmilk is a soylent (small s) blend where you add milk instead of water. It costs less, even after calculating the cost of buying milk locally, and tastes great.

The site lets you read up on all four blends. One or more might just fill your need for higher protein, lower carbs.

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Adding protein powder is extremely easy. I add a scoop to 8oz of soylent and I know EXACTLY what my nutrition is. it could not be easier to track… I understand your point about “diluting the soylent”, but your goal is to change the nutrition, what does it matter?

I guess I am coming from a point of view where I don’t drink Soylent 100% of the time, just during the day normally, but you could up the protein by a smaller amount than a whole scoop to only up the protein a little to make up for what might be perceived as lacking. This seems doable…

There are a lot of high priced designer lines out there. Look at the Ketolent stuff.

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What type of protien do you use? I tried a scoop of vanilla whey isolate once and it made my soylent taste/feel like garbage. I feel like the soylent emulsion is already at capacity as far as dispersiongoes and adding anything else is just a disaster unless you also add water.

Just to clarify, they had very long lead times for Soylent 1.0 through 1.3. The lead time disappeared sometime during 1.4 (I didn’t order until I saw there was 48-hour turnaround). There was never a long lead time for 1.5.


I found the ticket to adding protein is just that – adding water, too. If you mix the protein into a small amount of water first, then mix the protein+water with Soylent 2.0, you wind up with what I find to be a pretty good texture, though still noticeably different from plain Soylent. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, though, so I only like the resulting taste when the protein is sweetened with stevia or not at all.

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I’ve been using Integrated Supplements 100% Whey. Using an immersion blender it comes out really nice.

Agreed, unless you are trying to keep calories and %RDA constant, since protein powder takes up a good amount of volume and calories.


I use BulkSupplements whey concentrate. It is unflavored and a pretty solid, inexpensive source. I have started adding water to make up for the extra powder after the suggestion from @tsapience. I also tend to add some PB2 powdered peanut butter and Stevia or sucralose. Sometimes a little inexpensive Molina Mexican Vanilla Blend.

I use a blender bottle to shake it together. That works really well for me. With the PB2 and a little extra 0 cal sweetener, it is like a nice treat after a workout…

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Yeah, extra water is where it’s at!

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