Higher caloric and protein ratios?


Most of Rob’s formulas are based in a 2,000 (men) or 1,500 (women) calorie diet. If we were to need to consume more calories (like 3,500 for a weight lifting male), would we need to increase everything else in proportion?

If not, would we just supplement Soylent with an additional source of calories and protein? And what would that source be?



I’m actually starting my Soylent tomorrow and it has a higher calorie and protein composition.

I basically just added another protein powder and increased the amount of calories by increasing the different powders. I did need to decrease my Sulfur, Magnesium and Calcium supplements to compensate for the other increases.

While I did find some minerals that are based on body weight rather than caloric intake, the upper limit recommendations didn’t change by enough to warrant me changing my recipe.

My recipe is set at 2,700 calories and 190 grams which is about half of what I normally intake. I will try this for a week or two and adjust my recipe as needed.