Higher Protein, Less Carbs Using Soylent


Perhaps someone can help me with ideas. I would like to modify my current Soylent regime to cut the carbs and increase the protein.

So, I could drink less Soylent per day and replace the difference with some kind of good low-carb protein but that would reduce certain vitamins, minerals, etc.

Any suggestions? I would rather not make my own soylent but just supplement what I have.

Thanks in advance!


you could add Powdered peanut butter. I think it adds 7-9 gm of protein per serving. Unfortunately I don’t remember how many additional carbs you might get.


I think you could just add some whey protein.

50 grams of 100% pure whey protein isolate and not a carb in sight.

Zero Carb Isopure


Thanks. I’m going to go 75% Soylent and add Whey Protein accordingly to match calories of 100% Soylent.


Worked out well I think. I picked up some Whey Protein and figured out that I needed to remove 3 scoops (about 25%) of Soylent from the bag and add 3 scoops of Whey to make one pitcher. So, I will use 4 bags of Soylent every 5 days.


If you go the powder route toss some pea protein in with the whey to reduce cost


Be mindful of what you are actually adding, protein supplements can have wildly varying levels of micro’s in them. I use 90% unflavored whey isolate. Right now the best value I’ve been able to find consistently is Hard Rhino (http://www.hardrhino.com/products/whey-protein-isolate-90-powder-unflavored.html). The price seems to have gone up recently but they also started doing coupons so if you Facebook friend them you can get the price down closer to where it was a few weeks ago.

BE MINDFUL of your micros and not just your macros. When you cut out 25% of your Soylent you are also cutting out 25% of the Micro’s, so you are no longer getting “complete” nutrition. Are you using Soylent as a total meal replacement? I am a DIY’er myself and nearly tripled the whey content in my starter recipe (People Chow) and reduced the Corn Masa (the base carbohydrate) a fair amount. I kept the portions in a way that I was still 100% complete (other then carbs) while getting a much higher amount of protein in my diet so I wouldn’t have to take protein shakes in addition to Soylent to support my strenuous training.