Histamine anyone? Need advice, DIY (europe) would be even better


Hey guys,

Ive recently tracked my massive sympthoms to a probale histamine intolerance. If true, I am basically *****, because that stuff could be anywhere, soy is one of the greater offender for example.

Ive basically two choices now, go on potato, rice, salt, water, sugar diet with vitamine supplements, or I manage to find a DIY formula, which is extremly low on histamine.

I know im asking for much, but do you know a diy producer with that capability who can ship to europe at reasonable prices? I know @axcho has/had a service like that, but I dont think he can ship to Germany?

NOTE: There is no official diagnosis (yet), I am waiting for the appointment with a specialized medic.
From the sympthoms it could be celiac as well (and according to my current medic)

Help is greatly appreciated, thanks for your time!


Until you find out exactly what you are allergic to we can’t really help you. Till then all we can do is guess and make assumptions.


Well thats kinda the problem here. In order to check for histamine intolerance, you have to eat a bland diet for 3 weeks. If somebody has a recipe or DIY for that…


You’re right - unfortunately, I only ship within the US. :frowning:

Have you thought about making it yourself?


Yes I already was on DIY for 4 months, although I did not know about the problem then. I attrubuted it all to irritable colon.

The problem is, I was not that good at the small numbers like for cholinebiatrate and so on. I struggle to get exactly the right amounts while mixing the powder.

Another NOTE: I was on Joylent for the last 10 weeks, I sent them an email with questions today. Lets see. But I think theres soy in it, and soy is bad news, at least thats what I think.


The numbers in a DIY soylent recipe are really just a minimum. As long as the resulting mix has at least the amount listed you know you got enough of whatever micro or macro nutrient. So in other words don’t kill yourself trying to hit the numbers exactly.


Well you are certainly cheering me up a bit, I was kinda crushed, because if I really have this problem I’d have to choose really carefully from now on, what to eat.

Is it tolerable, if the amount of micronutrients in ones DIY differs from day to day, like really one day 1g, next day 6g, while it should have 3g?

I think I’ll try to modify a popular recipe then, and just try it out. Thanks for you time!


I usually try to get to within a gram of the target amount but as long as you don’t go above the upper limit every day on the nutrient and get an average over time that is above the minimum you should be ok.

For instance you could get 4mg of iron 5 days a week then get 22mg 2 days. Over the course of the week you would average 9mg per day which is about right for men.


So what are your symptoms?


Almost every day: Upset bowel, flatulence, “feeling full”, cramps (not so severe), imperative tenesmus (I hope thats right, used translator, I basically have to search for a toilet very fast without “real” diarrhea), warm face, ears itching. Itching arms, elbows, thigh, neck is red. Sleep quality is very bad. I awake with a light headache, my head feels “wet”, exhausted, low energy, reflux.

Some Days: diarrhea, nausea and some kind of bowel-made-form of anxiety, cold Hands, really hot face.

Now, that I write it down, this looks like a lot. But even with everything present i can manage to work and live on. But I have a row of day sometimes (like every 3-4 months) were all of this is just gone, so thats where I want to get now.

As I already said, I always thaught, that I just have irritable colon syndrom or the like, that I have to live with it. But the skin problems dont fit into that. So thats why I went to the doctor.


The human body can store upwards of a week’s worth of most nutrients, so as long as your weekly average is good, you’ll be fine.

It can also help to measure out a week’s worth at a time in one container and mix it thoroughly - that way any errors will tend to average out.