Histamine Intolerance/Vegan/Acid Base Balance

hi. is there a vegan soylent version that i could drink when i’m having problems with histamine?
i also take care of my acid base balance. will that be fine?

or is there maybe another option for me (veetal, joylent? etc?)

thank you!

Hello, “acid base balance” doesn’t exist. So yes, all of them.
That being said, official Soylent is vegan. I have personally never heard of this Histamine intolerance so I can’t talk about that.



i know a lot of people say it doesn’t exist, but when i don’t eat acidid food and keep my histamine levels low - my symptoms disappear. that’s what i found out the last years.
soy for example is really bad for people with histamine intolerance.

the perfect soylent for me would look like this: low histamine, no gluten, vegan, 2000+ calories daily, low fructose.
but i could live with low histamine and no acidid in it too. :slight_smile:

Can you provide links to sites with information on histamine intolerance?

Do you have celiacs? If not, official Soylent only barely misses the standard for gluten free. No idea about histamines but the official Soylent is completely vegan from 1.3 onwards.

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oh i’m sorry :slight_smile: my fault. yeah, i meant “acidic”

what is acidid? a typo? I ask because you said it twice. Did you mean acidic? just want to be sure. Because you said quite a few things which i havent heard before. I hope ‘acidid’ isnt them.


Soylent is currently not 100% gluten free, last I heard it was indeed about 20ppm hitting the upper limit (needs to be 20 ppm or less to be certified gluten free https://www.coeliac.org.uk/gluten-free-diet-and-lifestyle/food-shopping/law-on-gluten-free/ )

It is vegan, it is 2000 calories, it has maltodextrin which is longer chains of glucose. No added Fructose. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltodextrin

Just for reference because I know why you are talking about Acid Base Balance… food doesn’t change the pH of your blood. That is unless you happen to get Ketoacidosis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketoacidosis


but like i said. when i don’t eat acidic food my symptoms disappear.
is soy still an ingedient of the newer soylent versions? that might be a problem for me.

what are your symptoms?

Please post some links to internation about your histamine allergy

The only soy in Soylent is soy lecithin.

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Here is some information about Histamine Intolerance:

Diagnosis Diet / PaleoLeap / Histamine Intolerance

Essentially, anything canned, aged, smoked, or fermented is bad, but so are foods in the nightshade family, as well as any pulses.

This reeks of anti-technology, new-age, and Eastern philosophy non-sense.

according to Vaidya’s tradition, that the nightshades tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers and
eggplant affect the vibrational and physical channels in very negative


While there may be drawbacks to each of those categories, I doubt the nightshade family belongs in there. Unless of course we are talking about actual nightshade or plants cross-bred with it, which is possible - and might be why for the longest time people have avoided many of these fruits. However, on their own, tomatoes and potatoes aren’t going to kill you or cause harm.

Furthermore, I don’t think canned, aged, smoked, or fermented foods are exceedingly dangerous or problematic.

I’m not a doctor - but I would suggest talking to one, preferably one not on this list.

@Rayban1 - I would suggest you see a doctor, perhaps a neurologist. If they don’t find anything wrong with you, I would seek a qualified psychologist to help stop the symptoms.
I lived with someone who had these sorts of problems for decades - I suspect you might be in a similar category.

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In regards to the nightshade familiy. Those plants, such as potatoes are only “bad” when they are green.

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