Hives and 2.0. Interested to hear others stories

Took soylent 2.0 for 12 days, only for breakfast, 1 bottle a day, then stopped when they stopped shipping, then started again 10 days later. Broke out in hives, nasty, characterisation of hives is skin irritation, I.e a scrap will cause an inflammatory hive type thing, as will tight boxers, my watch strap, basically any normal abrasion. Been off it for 3 days now and hives are less intense and going away quicker. Anyone with similar experiences? Personally I think the cause is massive assault on gut bacteria / huge change in diet. Will stick to old breakfast for another month and monitor, then slowly reintroduce when skin is better. No other changes in diet, lifestyle or skin contact, before you ask.

On the plus side I am now familiar with the sleepy affects of benadryl, which is something lol.

Sounds more like an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients in 2.0. Allergies get worse with repeated exposure. Maybe you just finally hit the tipping point.


Disagree i’m afraid, plus not one to take medical advise from amateurs( no offense), have had no reaction to ingredients that I have had in other things. Any way that is not what this posting is about, looking for similar experiences. thanks for your input though.

Can you clarify something: do you get hives from tight pants, watch strap, and skin abrasion? If yes, is that happening normally or only when you have a bottle of 2.0?

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Can you provide links to how gut bacteria cause allergic reactions?


@Hivemind, I dont think one soylent meal a day is a ‘‘massive assault’’ on gut bacteria. It could more likely be a specific ingredient.

OMG thanks doctor! where did you get your medical degree from? Phoenix?

Then why don’t you just go see a real doctor?


If you are seriously going to be that much of a jerk and only going to accept advice from a doctor then you should probably ask a doctor and not a forum full of non-doctors.

BTW, still waiting on that proof that gut bacteria cause hives.


It doesnt take one to be doctor, to know that one meal doesnt constitute a ‘‘massive assault’’.

The average medical student receives about 20 hours of nutrition instruction while they’re in medical school. Phoenix or Grenada can’t be much worse than that.