Hmm... Coffiest out of stock on Amazon - Ships in 1 to 3 months?

Just went to order another box of Coffiest on Amazon, and it said it expected to ship in 1 to 3 months. First time I’ve seen this with Amazon, so it makes me wonder - has Coffiest just been selling at that high of a demand that RF hasn’t been able to keep up (so they can’t keep Amazon stocked)? Or is there a possible reformulation in the works?

I guess I’ll order a box direct, as the Soylent website doesn’t say anything about it being backordered.

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We produce to meet the demand, but Amazon is a new platform for us. As we ramp up advertising on their platform our orders shipped to their warehouses will become more inline with expected inventory flows. We have additionally been working on our Coffiest vitamin issue.


Thanks for the update Conor, and happy to hear that it is going well on Amazon!


It has been great to offer more flexibility, while we love our platform so many customers are comfortable with amazon and it’s process.