Hol Food powder and excessive manganese

Here are the nutrition facts and ingredients for the Hol Food powder I just ordered from Canada. I’m worried about switching to this full time and replacing all 2000 calories a day with it due to the possibility of a high manganese intake from the oat flour and cocoa powder. Should I be worried or is this not a big deal? I won’t be consuming any other foods except maybe a meal out with friends on weekends with extremely small portions.

Maybe I am missing something but it looks like this stuff gives you exactly 100% of the AI of manganese per 2000 calories. So I don’t see where your worry is.

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I thought these labels didn’t include the vitamins and minerals present in the ingredients? wasn’t there some confusion with Soylent doing the same thing? I’m probably wrong and worrying for nothing, but I thought the 100% values were only for the vitamin and mineral mix


Fair point. Maybe you can review those threads and the others on manganese. I see this thread following the same pattern as them.

Yea that’s true. I’ve already looked at all of the threads regarding manganese and also emailed the makers of Hol Foods asking about this specifically. I’m not really that worried about it after reading the Linus Pauling institute’s page on manganese, more so just curious what this community thinks. I also contacted the nutrition department at my university, so I will post their responses about the nutrition of these meal replacements in general if anybody is interested

Yes, I believe RL did the same thing with Manganese. Listed only the added nutrient value not including the amount naturally present in ingredients. I remember reading an explanation on it, something along the lines of the manganese in the oat flour not being absorbed thus the need for added Manganese but I am not finding that post at a glance.


This is correct. I remember asking the Hol Foods founder about this on r/soylent and he said it’s just the added vitamins and minerals in the Nutrition Facts. So there’s almost certainly a large amount of manganese.

But that’s probably nothing to worry about. There haven’t been any known incidents of manganese overdose from whole foods, like oats.