"Holiday Cooking with Soylent"

I don’t think I’ve seen this article, @inquirerer, I think your slippin’. It’s old, from last Christmas. He hates Soylent, but at least it’s funny.

He made a couple things I haven’t seen tried before, the waffles are common enough, but Soylent fried chicken, and a vinaigrette are unusual attempts.

[Quote]Soylent’s manifesto is the equivalent of replacing sex with an electronic sensation-free testicle-draining appendage that straps onto your crotch like an insulin meter.

And as a food writer it’s my responsibility to at least look at modern food trends, even if they are so stupid that they are more a gimmick or curiosity than an actual trend, because to be a trend I think at least some people need to think it’s a good idea.

Soylent is a gross, bad product, but at least I felt like I had done what I could to dishonor its reason for being by spending, like, two hours creating a meal out of it.


He should have tried a making a ginger dressing to go with vaguely sweet vanilla, not an orange juice/Soylent/pepper monstrosity. Seems like he got exactly what he was after though.

I did like the last line you quoted, funny enough for me to not have regretted reading the article.

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