Holy.... SMART CUPS!


Saw this and had a nerdgasm.


Vessyl is the smart cup that knows exactly what you're drinking

throws money at monitor


LOL that was exactly my reaction!! The plastic kinda bounced off though…


I need this… like yesterday…

I was only slightly dissuaded by the price; I’m still considering it. Something is wrong with me. XD


Hah… well think about how dissuaded you’ll be when it doubles after launch!

For anyone who’s making s/Soylent a big part of their life, I can’t see not wanting this.


I can detect what you are drinking? And calculate how much you have drunk? Can you program it to detect soylent?


I don’t think you’d need to. It sounds like it detects just about anything, they specifically mention shakes & smoothies so… I’m hopeful it’ll work immediately. It won’t call it “Soylent” I’m sure, but will probably call it a “blend” or “shake” or something like that, but still get the nutrient breakdown.

I can’t wait to try this out!


Welcome to the future


@JulioMiles @rob there needs to be partnership discussions immediately LOL



It shouldn’t be too hard to get them to add Soylent to their DB. What I want to know is can we get it to sync with a recipe on DIY.soylent. As in, make a change to the recipe, and the cup or app adjusts accordingly.

Also, does it have the technology to account for refills mid-way through drinking? I couldn’t tell from the faq.

It also says it’s only 13oz. That would be too small. 20-24oz would be perfect.


Yeah I’m ok with the smaller size since I can refill at any time, and it will keep track of it for me. My only beef with the 20oz Contigo I use now is that sometimes I drink 2 of them in a day, and other times I drink 2 and a bit, or slightly less than 2. So I don’t know how many ounces I really drank, and I like to be able to be accurate.

It sounds like the Vessyl will handle just about whatever you put in it, so even a DIY recipe should be fine since they claim it can handle smoothies/shakes etc. I can’t imagine it would have any trouble with partial refills… but I guess we’ll all know for sure as soon as they arrive.

Their website claims that when we get our order we will be told the shipping date, but all I got was a vague

In the next few weeks, we’ll drop you a note to get your Vessyl color preferences and shipping address. At that time, you’ll also be able to log in to your account and make the changes at any time before your Vessyl ships.

So I have no idea if I’ll get something in a month, a year, or what.


Mmmm, yes, when I have to drink mystery liquids I will finally know what they are.
Don’t get me wrong, I think its really cool… I just can’t figure out any time it would do something useful for me.


Well, once again you will become a pioneer! 13oz is too small for me as it would mean having to carry two containers when I am out and about (the vessyl and one for the soylent).

I’d like to believe that they can differentiate between versions of DIY but I am very skeptical.

Sounds like they’ve consulted RosaLabs as far as shipping is concerned. That’s too bad.

I’ll wait for your excellent reviews.


Finally, it can answer the question of whether that cup you found contains beer or piss!

I find the complete lack of any technical details surrounding how this magically “detects” your drink disturbing.
But that didn’t stop me from pre-ordering one.

Fully expect this to turn out like every other early-adopter experience of mine. Late, malfunctioning, and eclipsed early by better products. Sweet!


Finally someone with realistic expectations. There is no way you can be disappointed!


This, I’m not sure I once spotted an actual working product that wasn’t either just a cup or CGI


LOL… yeah that does often seem to be the case does it not? I really only want this for logging Soylent consumption, as I rarely drink anything else these days. I could see perhaps transferring my drink at a restaurant into it, again just for easy and accurate data logging. But I am so rarely “on the go” as I don’t commute, and especially now that we pretty much don’t grocery shop… I have much less reason to leave the house since everything that matters to me is already here! :wink:


First … I want!

Having said that, my skeptical meter started to go into overdrive when the cup claimed to know what was in it. I’m pretty sure there’s a thread here about a similar device (this one a laser if memory serves) that claimed to be able to look up food in a database if you just pointed something at it. Too lazy to seek that thread.

But to have a cup (make it bigger please) that I can program and it can work in conjunction with my Aria Scale and Fit Bit. That would be really cool!

(me and my plastic are pondering this.)


To add an additional data point… my decision was made based off the precept of ‘My birthday is coming up in August. This is my early-late birthday present.’

Even though it won’t be here until my wife’s b-day next year, or later more than likely.

Totally going to experience buyer’s remorse but what the hell. I will only live this life once and I have spent $100+ on things much more foolish (the B&W T-Mobile Sidekick comes to mind) or intangible (Dinner with the family out at a restaurant).

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Maybe I’m in the minority, but this cup seems ridiculous.
Who the heck needs a cup to tell them what’s in it and how much they drank?
When I pour something in a cup I know what I poured in there. And if I drink it I can see or feel how much is left.
But I’m not the kind of person who’s keeping track of every ounce of subsistence to cross my lips and measuring how many calories I just burned and how many steps I took while my heart rate was under x amount while figuring out how my circadian rhythm interferes with my work-out schedule.

If the cup actually does what it says, then it’s a cute toy imo.
Old school wooden chalices I say (just kidding)