Holy.... SMART CUPS!


It’s not about what’s in it and how much. At least not in the “you’re drinking beer” level, which would be pretty lame.

It’s about something that computes the nutrient content of what you drank, in the exact quantity you drank, and tracks that for you automatically. I know what I’m drinking… it’s Soylent! Maybe you’ve heard of it? LOL But what I don’t know, is did I drink 42 ounces today or 49? Especially when I actually forget if I refilled it in the middle of the night or not, etc.

BTW, from the Vessyl twitter…

“the first shipments will go out early 2015. We’ll keep you updates on the progress thru FB, Twitter, and our blog!”

Bummer, but not shocking.


I’m clearly not in the demographic of who this cup is made for.
But I think the vibration speakers are pretty cool – imagine if this cup came with one on the bottom – play music on the desk and it stops when you take a sip.


If my music stopped every time I took a sip I’d go postal. LOL


I’m skeptical and will wait for reviews or version 2.0 if there is one :smile:



I call waiting sucks! But what the hell… I’ve always meant to learn patience, just never had the time for it.


Their background is the only reason I ordered. And because I consume a LOT of liquids normally ( cold pressed juice, soylent now, beer, bourbon, water… ).

If it doesnt work? Well, as a previous posted said - I’ve spent more on things that wouldnt give me as much data as this purports to. I really want the caffeine and caloric intake data more than anything. 13oz is SMALL. But…I’ll just chug and refill :wink:

( of course, in full disclosure - I dont think you should chug soylent. Your body needs time to digest and soak up all the vitamins and minerals etc ).


Colbert on Vessyl



Love Colbert, hilarious as always.


Wait for the eventual Chinese exact-replica for $50 :smiley:


I was blown away that they hit their initial funding goal in 100 minutes. Crazy. I think there is definitely a massive market for “smart everything” and this is just the beginning.

I still say someone needs to invent a complete system of smart plates, cups, flatware, etc. along with a smart toilet and call it “End to End Analytics”. =D


My plastic and I had that conversation and I won. I ordered one.

I still think these kind of reeks of vaporware in its full advertised glory. But if it is merely able to implement a database that can be programmed, that would be great. If the cap is secure as it claims (a doable thing), then I can pop it into my book bag for late afternoon wobblies. (I come home for lunch most days). If it can connect with my Fitbit (also doable), then that would be even better.



Yeah the integration to other trackers is something I’m really curious to see happen. As for the lid, I read somewhere that it’s actually magnetic… which sounds pretty cool but makes me wonder about having it too close to a wallet, credit cards, other electronic magnetism-sensitive devices (where’m I gonna store my floppy disks??) etc.

I have high hopes for this thing… it better live up to em!