Holy Soylent Mudslides!


One day, for some reason, I went and mixed Soylent 1.8 with Kahlua and Irish cream… holy cow does it taste good!!

Maybe I’ll try with a little bit of rum… but wow! Soylent can cocktail.


We’ve used this recipe at past events, it’s delicious!


What ratio works well? Do you blend in some ice?


I was sort of eyeballing approx equal parts kahlua and cream, then topped the short glass with Soylent. After I drank some, I dashed some more rum to give it a kick.


Everyone needs to try this! Yes I am reviving this topic, but it needs more credit! This is amazing! I love to mix it with the soylent original mixed power! mmmm mmmm


I’m a Soylent White Russian fan. 2.0 subs for cream. :milk_glass:


This sounds delicious, gotta try it on the weekend!