Homemade Soylent = Drug Dealer? (According to Amazon)


Apparently Amazon’s algorithms think that buying soylent paraphernalia = buying drug paraphernalia


Amazon’s algorithms and records see that typical people that buy that scale also buy drug paraphernalia.

Just like people that buy Frozen, probably also bought other disney movies.

Or that buy a race car also buy batteries to put in that race car.

Or people that buy a simple every day carry knife may also buy similar EDC flashlights, or other tools.

It has nothing to do with soylent and everything to do with what most people buy for related products.


Yes, that is a fairly obvious explanation of how Amazon’s algorithms determine how buyers are lumped together. (Presumably, for the purpose of marketing additional products to people.) I think we all have a general understanding of how this works.

The point was the humor in the way this association was made between someone making soylent (something many of us have interest in here) and a drug dealer. I don’t believe anyone mistook this for an actual association that anyone at Amazon (or anyone else for that matter) made.