Honey I shrunk the oil blend


I just looked at the Oil Blend bottles I got with my latest shipment. They shrunk!


Could be the new producer they talked about.


Nice. The old bottles weren’t filled to the top anyway.



Looking forward to seeing the new compact packaging too!


I’ve only opened one of the boxes from my latest delivery, but I had both types of bottle in the same box. When I received mine they still seem to be the same bottle and cap, just shorter, so I’m not sure if it will help with the leakage issues.

The bottles still arrived in a small open box as before, but the bags had cardboard dividers. I do think if they closed the small oil box it would reduce leakage as the bottles would bounce around less.


Less use of plastic is always desirable.

Coincidentally, two nights ago I had a dream in which I’d ordered a month of Soylent from an eBay seller, and it came in a much smaller original Soylent box, and the bags were all brick-packed. (Why would I dream that?? It was just something that happened on the side in a much more involved storyline.)