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Me being a foodie and watching vice, I would say I’m interested in food and entertainment and I would like to open my own business.

I have discussed your product because I like the idea and I see the potwntail it can have,

I wanted to share my point of view of some things that have come to my mind.

The colour: is it possible that you create a colour that changes the product to be more appealing - this one would increase interest but also the fact that not as many people would be turned off.

The density of the product: I thought that the idea of chewing a product is of importance 1: it re creates that muscle action of actually chewing food, and although I may sound disencourging I would like a solution found where you can change the density and I thought that - you could change it into something like that sand thay goes hard when it touches water, it may actually be quite complicated but you could bounce that idea around. Because eg: once it enters someone’s mouth it feels solid but once they bite and chew the constitancey becomes more loose and it is actually a mental satisfaction and health. So one people ddont OD on soylent and secondly just the use of there jaws.

3: flavour.
I know you want to distant yourself from food, however I do intrigue you to try add some sort of flavour not just have a protein shake approqch.

So yes I haven’t tasted or tryed your product - but this is how I view it and I’d love to share this in Hong Kong.

Thanks, Marco!


1- Actually, a lot of people have looked into this. There are a lot of recipes on the forums for Soylent cookies, brownies, bread, nutrient bars… etc. It also sounds like some people take up chewing gum to supplement jaw action. As for "OD"ing on Soylent, I think all of the beta tests have found that it works fine with the body’s normal hunger signals, so overdoing it on Soylent would pretty much feel and have the same effect as overeating with regular food.

2- (I think you missed putting a 2 in your post :wink: )

3- Personally, I agree with Soylent, “as-shipped” not having any particular flavor. Not because I want it to be flavorless, but because if I do decide to give it a flavor, I can do so however I want, even on a per-serving basis if I choose to. It’s a lot easier to add your own flavor to a generic base than it would be to try to “take out” an existing flavor if you do not like it. Plus, if Soylent had one specific and notable flavor, people would likely get sick of it (this has been brought up a few times by the beta testing group, iirc)

color- I think this follows along the same logic as the flavor point for me. If I decide I want colorful Soylent, I can make it (mostly) whatever shade I want with some food coloring. If it was a specific color on arrival (let’s say… green, for no particular reason :D) then it could only ever be changed to derivatives of green, because it’s much harder to “take out” a color if it comes included.

So I guess the common theme of all of these points is that as it currently stands, Soylent is an incredibly nonspecific base – I think that’s a good thing, because this way anyone can build it into their own specific preference. So don’t get me wrong, these are great ideas, but may be more applicable to consumers themselves, rather than Rosa Labs directly.


First and foremost thanks for the quick feedback that is good service!

1: Good news about the receptive ness of the stomach mouth etc, now this is my response to brownies and so forth.

Im going to be jumping from many different points, and then how I went about creating this point of view.

What I feel is that this is a great idea because you have identified a need to what the world can potentially come to I see your solution both beneficially and although you leave a lot up to the customer I see, what you are making as something from what I see in Hong Kong as something of convenience - Hong Kong is a fast place and at times myself I even see myself miss the odd breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I do have potential protein shakes or bars that I can eat but I do not want to because - well I simply don’t like the taste, I am not necessarily saying change because of me, but rather I want you to view what is happening around me and with 8 Million people. So I have made as I said a lot of preliminary interviews with people and it was really those things eg: Colour, Taste, Price - People and myself is that I view this as something as a quick fix sort of thing say I get home late from work or I have a 7:30am meeting I can quickly jump up and get something tasty and is convenient that I need not think about. Im lazy sometimes okay.

But if I can hold out because I did calculations and the price you are charging in effect I can get real food, although this disregards nature and the environment. It brings me personal satisfaction and I will be selfish and I know many others of my friends, family and relations - Because I have asked eg: Why would I buy that if it doesn’t taste like anything, I like my food, man that shit looks ratchet.

I know this may sound hateful towards your product, or negative but really I would like for you to look at this in a developmental way as a way you can improve your product and grow your market and sharing of your vision. Because you have addressed you facts.

If you have heard this - okay, disregard me. It is up to you - but I am just giving you examples of what I have done.

However back to my Hong Kong market right now there are 8 Million people that are work orientated and but also the ageing population is now having trouble to find food as well, they do have subsidies. But I like this potential alternative that you are showing.

So tell me your thoughts, and I’d really like to reiterate this is not being negative. But rather how can you make this more appealing.

— Possibly you can add customisation to your marketing, although that means there is a lot of potential build up of stock. But aside from that Im sure you know, but me in Hong Kong I can survive on HKD$500 breakfast lunch and dinner in the week, so I mean yes there is that battle.

Colour: I still feel lazy about that, and okay it can be easily changed - via food colouring.

But yes, okay. I must admit your points are valid and you do seem to know what is there and what can appeal to a customer - Im lazy, im sometimes not creative, and I want something that taste nice, with minimal effort, but I still have take out - so yeah, the idea I want it to actually achieve something because I feel that also you should want to have good service, and to me that is what I want from service side of things!

Thanks, Marco (smiley face, hamster face - because i cant post images -.-)

PS: Keep strong and keep up the good work - you have inspired me as well for my own perception of things that I have tried to get my friends to get this with me! And also congratulations on your coverage.


You do make a valid point: a lot of people are getting Soylent for a healthy, convenient meal. Having to add their own color or figure out good flavor ratios makes that a little less convenient.

As far as what Rosa Labs themselves are going to do though, I can’t say I expect them to put much into this route in the near future. For one, their aim for Soylent is more of a “default meal”: something healthy and convenient, that you won’t get tired of, and can use to fill in the gaps where making ‘actual’ food isn’t necessary. In the future, if/when Soylent becomes more commonplace, and more stabilized market-wise, it would make sense to offer variety just because they can – but for now, I’m sure the whole “brand new company” thing comes with lots of stuff to keep them really busy. And once they do start branching out, custom nutrient blends will probably come first.

But in the meantime I could see someone independent from the “official” Soylent team offering little “add-ins” like this – for example, releasing “flavor packs”, pre-tested to mix well with the base Soylent flavor, and in little pouches that you just add to your daily mix, with a color corresponding to that flavor (brown chocolate, yellow banana, green mint, etc). Or at the very least, there will probably be a thread on these forums with people’s suggestions, so it’s as simple as just mixing in X spoonfuls of cocoa/sugar/syrup/etc with each day’s serving.

(also, just as a note, I’m not actually a part of the Soylent team in any way, in case that wasn’t apparent – just another forum member :))


From a marketing perspective, adding food coloring can make sense.

But from a nutrition perspective, for consumers who care primarily about nutrition i.e. soylent’s target users, that’s inefficient and wasteful and adds additional cost for no good purpose.


I think it would be more sensible to try Soylent, THEN make suggestions on how to improve it. Also, I hope the company focuses on perfecting its product, rather than chasing after lucrative marketplaces at this time.


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