Hopes crushed now?


How many here have been so excited over the last year for this product only to feel crushed in the last few days because they made false promises over and over again only to turn around and break even more? I’m so disappointed in these guys right now. I’ve been telling coworkers for a decade that if a product like this were released I’d be all over it. I’ve got three months worth paid for and not even a starter kit to show for it. It’s very sad. And what’s even more sad is that they could have avoided all this if they had just not made false promises. I paid for my first month on the very first day possible and added two more later. “Early backers will get theirs first.” Nope. “Larger orders first.” Not necessarily. “Shipping now.” Well, maybe only to vegans and beta testers. “Hey, look at this gif. We got ours, screw you. Haha!” I feel like they have totally sh1t all over me for trusting them, believing in their product, advertising for them and giving them my money. I have never felt so under appreciated by any counterparty to any transaction in my life. I am truly sorry I had such high hopes. And for them to just ignore our most important questions… they turn the knife. It’s really painful. I wish they would at least say that they hear us and are sorry. All they had to do was not make false promises, or at least own up to them.


what promises have they been breaking this few days?


and it can bee that your not the only baker and will soon get yours delivered. you did after all order 3 months of soylent


They’ve been pretty forthcoming about everything, and very responsive to reports of trouble. You can’t just expect the world to go perfectly swimmingly if you just sit there - if you don’t let them know there’s a problem, sometimes they won’t be able to tell there’s a problem. It’s not your fault for it happening, but seriously - I’d have been on the phone and yelling at someone the hour after their deadline for large orders (well, I don’t start by yelling, I start by finding out what happened. I yell when customer service derps try to customer service me instead of fixing the problem.) Be more proactive and present, and you’ll find that all professional dealings improve.

@JulioMiles , @rob : This guy maybe fell through the cracks and needs a hand. :smile:


The discourse here (not just this post, but others, too) seems a little hyperbolic, to me. It’s reasonable to be impatient, because, hey, reportedly life-changing awesomeness. Don’t get me wrong; I’m impatient, too. But it isn’t like any of us are starving or ill, while we wait. We aren’t being harmed by another week’s–or even another month’s–delay, not really.

Manufacturing? Hard and unpredictable, especially if you’re new to it, like these guys are, and if you’re stuck with a single source for any of your components, which they are, for several.

Shipping? Expensive and wildly time-variable (believe me, I live in Alaska, I know).

And then every attempt at transparency just gets more people making angry posts, so of COURSE they’ve wised up and decided not to post so often.

This is not the only kickstarter/indiegogo/whatever that’s run late. I am waiting on a pen-shaped mouse that was supposed to be ready a year ago, for instance. Some of them never happen at all (or so I presume, based on a recent court case).

This one is happening! It’s very close! So, could we just, I don’t know, back off a little on our rhetoric?

They aren’t defecating on their customers; they are just wildly optimistic. Unwisely so. But wouldn’t you be, if you were making a (hopefully) world-changing new product?


Great post, web. I agree 100%.
Quite frankly threads like these are more annoying than any missed dealine or “promise”. Ive even posted actual studies on crowd funding stating that most are eventually completed but 75% are late and the more money they raise the later it normally is. Im glad I dont want to manufacture anything. I just want to start a little bistro. I have a feeling thats going to be a lot less BS to deal with than the Soylent team.


All those are perfectly good reasons of why things are going slower than anticipated. What they aren’t are reasons why shipping seems to be the soylent team throwing darts at a board, instead of priority to large orders then by order date.

Being behind on their shipping estimates, while frustrating is understandable. Someone who ordered a single month in January getting their stuff before day one, multi-month backers with 0 explanation is not.


Nope, there are a lot of us, like me who have ordered 4 months and heard nada. No email, no starter kit, NOTHING. We ask, and ask, and ask, but @JulioMiles and @rob constantly ignore us.

It’s really just like @Daiceman said, we’re largely upset with the massive lack of communication, and blatant disregard for anything they’ve told us.


Have you emailed them directly? You joined 2 days ago, on a friday, and bitch that they weren’t there on the weekend? Let them know there’s a problem. You ask and ask and ask - for less than 48 hours - and expect instant answers, on a weekend. Yeah, it’d be ideal if they had the time and energy to peruse the forums and address every single post instantly, but that’s not doable. They’ll respond to you today, I’ll bet.



I wouldn’t normally expect a response from a PR person over a weekend, but we’ve seen JulioMiles on today (7 minutes ago as I type this - http://discourse.soylent.me/users/juliomiles/activity). And the radio silence about schedule has been noticeably longer than this weekend.

edit: not sure what happened, but I meant to tag @jrowe47 instead I got some odd quote-like tagging of JulioMiles (apparently I need sleep, better yet Soylent and sleep)


And yesterday, and the day before… All after I made this particular account. Yes, I made it recently, but I only made the account to join my voice to the many others that continue asking with no response. I am typically just a lurker type, but finally decided to speak up as well. Maybe if they realize how many people they’re shafting, they’ll start to care?

The constant silence is what really bugs me, and Friday’s non-update only adds to my concern.


@wheresmysolyent, I assume you sent an email to info@soylent.me? There are probably other Soylent email addresses you could track down of relevant parties. Making one post on the forum and tagging Rob and Julio was probably a good idea in case your emails were somehow falling through the cracks. But…making endless posts on the forum with complaints, and tagging Rob and Julio in all of them comes across and very, very weird, and almost stalkerish.


@wheresmysoylent - I definitely get the frustration that many people are feeling, but, consider that Rosa Labs is a brand new company, with no customer service experience, especially in this context (not that anyone really ever has experienced something like this.) Give it some time - I’ll bet that you get a response today. I know that every time I’ve had a question, it got answered - not the answers I wanted, every time, but hey, that’s life, right?

They’re not shafting you. They’re going through the first rollout of a new type of product that really has no equivalent in the market, developing relationships with vendors and shippers like REI and FedEx (I’d have gone with UPS, their customer service has been stellar for me in the past, but FedEx has dropped the ball on more than one occasion, and their corporate culture is more about numbers than people.)

Absolutely, everyone that has missed their shipment as promised should be shouting it out - but give the Soylent team a chance to respond to it, and I’m sure we’ll find that there have been hiccups. They’re managing appearances, communicating the situation as it rolls out, and dealing with literally thousands of little fires to put out. There’s only 5 guys handling all of this. In a situation like that, there’s no choice but to craft your message to address as many of the complaints as possible. A lot of people will be disappointed with the message because it doesn’t address individual unique concerns… like a 4 month order that somehow fell through the cracks.

I also know that despite all of this, it’s frustrating as hell. You throw down good money for an awesome idea, with the expectation of getting your Soylent, and the product launch is seemingly stuttering out of the gate. They announce their plans to ship vegan, then biggest orders first, down to the smallest, and some of the bigger orders haven’t yet arrived. Some of the shipment and starter kit emails didn’t go out as expected.

Despite that, it’s on its way, and within the next 8 weeks or less, we’re going to see a steady flow of Soylent. They’ve gotten a lot of the technical hiccups out of the way, but obviously need more feedback on certain orders so they can fix what’s still broke. I hope they toss you guys a bone - I know that some people are getting free T-Shirts, others are getting personal notes from the Rosa Labs team. These guys are doing backbreaking work and a great job so far.

Suggestion for the Soylent team: create an official email address for order concerns, create a blog post explaining the rollout and what we can expect, and then let people send emails when the rollout guidelines are missed, for whatever reason. It will give people a constructive place to raise their concerns, and prevent the need for moderating an angry riot on the forums. It will also make it easier to personally reach out to people affected by any hiccups.


Julio already replied on a thread giving him the email address to use if he wanted a refund.


Hindsight being 20/20, I wonder if rosa labs would have been better to just make a warehouse full and ship it all in one week. Less bickering. They could have put a webcam on the warehouse and showed it filling up with a percent complete bar superimposed over the image.

No that would have been online mayhem.


If there are only 5 guys handling this, and you have 3 million in orders, the future of your business, and fear of losing your entire base would dictate that you should hire temporary workers to handle the overflow. Let go of your greed. If you do this weel, the long-term profits will more than compensate by the temporary loss caused by the neccesary expenditures to be professional at the beginning of your business. My God, watch a restaurant starup on Food Network. you don’t have to have an MBA to understand some of these core basics. It’s common sense to realize that we aren’t religous zealots; once we are turned of to your product and way of dealing with us, we won’t come back. It’s an experiment, and no one is 100% convinced they will spend their life eating this way, I suspect most feel it’s a good idea and are willing to experiment, hoping what comes from the Soylent crew is higher quality and a timesaver. But the lack of professionalism makes the whole proposition dubious, at best. Crash and burn. Hire part-times for 3 weeks, get the flow going, swallow the profit loss. Oh, and don’t give me a lecture on what is or isn’t going on. There’s clearly a cluster-f#k of some kind going on that generates at the center.

You’ve taken a lot of money from people. Time to step up, guys. And no, you’re being disingenuous. You need to let people know how much is getting out.


ive been tagging them for a while as well as direct messages. Nada. the last thing Julio responded to was when I jokingly mentioned that the announced order size based shipping was just a ploy to get us to all bump up our preorders. I dont think its a joke anymore.


Sorry - I didn’t mean to say that they only had the 5 guys - they have behind the scenes workers and employees that aren’t in the public eye. I meant to convey that they’re the public face of the company and couldn’t possibly personally respond to every last post. They’re well staffed, but with only 5 individuals as the collective “voice” and presence of the company, the message needs to be condensed.

Read up on the blogs and posts here, and you’ll get a bigger picture.


What makes you say they are well-staffed? Sure, blending, packing and shipping are out-sourced, but nothing suggests to me that Rosa Labs is well-staffed. I’m surprised that they don’t even have an intern doing Twitter for them.


people have gotten emails from rosa labs with a different name attached.