Hopes for soylent in the (far) future


The future I would love to see:

At the store: in the refrigerated section you can buy several flavors of bottled Soylent (a meal’s worth). In the baking section you can buy plain and flavored Soylent powder, also Soylent formulated for baking and maybe for pancakes etc. Soylent bars, like clif bars but better, are for sale. In the bread section there is Soylent bread. Basically everything that can be Soylent-ed, is, such that Soylent is as common and familiar as traditional food. There are soylent bars like juice bars. whole foods type soylents are popular amongst hippies. wouldn’t it be lovely?


You could probably take that to such an extreme that the question “What’s even the point anymore?” comes up. Baking soylent, pancake soylent, bread soylent, juice soylent, bar soylent, apples! If someone was going to cook and eat that diverse a set of food, would this be the right kind of product or are they really cooking and eating the way they would cook and eat regular food?

For me the biggest advantage I see with Soylent is convenience. No need to create a meal plan, to decide whether I want to make pancakes or french toast. Only one item to stock - no complex grocery list. Buy Soylent, consume Soylent, no food decisions to make.


@malove2play I was thinking more like a Soylent carton (half-gallon, full gallon, etc). The problem with a single serving size is not everyone’s serving is the same size. Some of us need more/less than 2000 calories or split their meals up into more/less than 3 servings. Buying a multi-serving size would be more convenient.


To me Soylent has several advantages, and I guess with broad enough thinking you could call all of them “convienence.” But the primary convenience for me is not that of its uniformity and simple preparation, but its assured nutritional completeness. I don’t have to worry about the fact that the baked goods, pancakes, breads, drinks etc may or may not be healthy, or they may be healthy in the sense that they supply what many are missing from their diet but not what I am missing from my own. With Soylent-ised traditional food, I could eat in a way that does not present the problem of food boredom, but still allows me to function on optimum nutrition.


Exactly this.