Hot crackers, it’s 1.8


Nutrition and release notes, while we’re waiting for the website to link to them:


Cool my sub gets billed tomorrow.


There’s a group of us who can’t stand the taste of 1.6 or 1.7. I think one of us should take the chance and try some 1.8. Who’s willing to be the guinea pig?


That was fast.

“Decrease The Gums” – new band name, I called it.



It looks like 1.8 doesn’t include any ‘artificial’ flavours. I’m eager to hear first impressions…


I think it taste great, and i’m the most unbiased opinion regarding Soylent :wink:


Holy hell, I still have an unopened box of 1.6, two unopened boxes of 1.7.


uhm… why?

Is it cheaper ingredients? Is the price coming down? Did they just run out of algal products?

(more corn and canola)


Blog announcement:


According to the blog announcement:

Several major changes have been incorporated into this iteration. The fiber source has been shifted from isomaltooligosaccharide to soluble corn fiber, after determining that soluble corn fiber provided greater consistency. Thanks to the thickening nature of fiber, we were able to decrease the usage of gums, from 1g to 0.5g.

In version 1.7 we removed the majority of ingredients derived from algae and with version 1.8, all algal ingredients have been removed. Previous versions of Powder contained high oleic canola & high stability algal oil creamer. These ingredients have been substituted with high oleic canola creamer.

These changes have increased overall serving weight, from 84.8g/serving to 87g/serving.


Hm, not much of an explanation for why they took the remaining algal ingredients out. Is Original drink the only Soylent product on the market that still contains algal ingredients? That’s a bit disheartening. I hope the shift away from algae is not permanent.


Terravia and RF’s contract wasn’t renewed, so algae in the drink will eventually be removed too. Whether or not they are arranging a contract with a similar company is unknown thus far I believe.


“Hot Crackers” is a good band name too


Didn’t they determine the algal ingredients were what was responsible for some people’s gastrointestinal distress? (I could be misremembering…)

Still holding out hope for Soylent crackers some day…


That was just the algal flour, to my understanding, and not the algal oil. (Though I suppose it’s possible there could be some people who experience GI problems with the oil, too, on a less dramatic and publicized scale?) Based on @GenesisFoodSolutions’s comment and some other discussion on the forum, it sounds like the PR fallout from the algal flour may have soured the business relationship between Terravia and RF. If that’s the issue then I do hope they find another supplier.


That is correct.


Yeah, basically what I interpreted from various posts across here and the subreddit was that, after RF decided to remove the algal flour from the powder and bars after people were sick, Terravia took that as RF saying that they were to blame, and decided they wanted to stop the partnership after the contract they had expired.

I don’t actually recall any RF official explicitly saying it was the fault of the algal flour (though many community members did), but Terravia took it that way.


Who knows maybe it’s already in the works!


TerraVia did a lot of PR after RosaFoods said it isolated algae as the common factor of bars and 1.6 stomach upset.

TerraVia kind of screwed themselves really, just take a look at their 4th quarter earnings. No Bueno.


Soylent crackers would/will be great. Much better than the Saltines I eat at night (although, I eat the Saltines cuz I’m not getting enough sodium from Soylent :confused: )