Hot crackers, it’s 1.8


Hm, not much of an explanation for why they took the remaining algal ingredients out. Is Original drink the only Soylent product on the market that still contains algal ingredients? That’s a bit disheartening. I hope the shift away from algae is not permanent.


Terravia and RF’s contract wasn’t renewed, so algae in the drink will eventually be removed too. Whether or not they are arranging a contract with a similar company is unknown thus far I believe.


“Hot Crackers” is a good band name too


Didn’t they determine the algal ingredients were what was responsible for some people’s gastrointestinal distress? (I could be misremembering…)

Still holding out hope for Soylent crackers some day…


That was just the algal flour, to my understanding, and not the algal oil. (Though I suppose it’s possible there could be some people who experience GI problems with the oil, too, on a less dramatic and publicized scale?) Based on @GenesisFoodSolutions’s comment and some other discussion on the forum, it sounds like the PR fallout from the algal flour may have soured the business relationship between Terravia and RF. If that’s the issue then I do hope they find another supplier.


That is correct.


Yeah, basically what I interpreted from various posts across here and the subreddit was that, after RF decided to remove the algal flour from the powder and bars after people were sick, Terravia took that as RF saying that they were to blame, and decided they wanted to stop the partnership after the contract they had expired.

I don’t actually recall any RF official explicitly saying it was the fault of the algal flour (though many community members did), but Terravia took it that way.


Who knows maybe it’s already in the works!


TerraVia did a lot of PR after RosaFoods said it isolated algae as the common factor of bars and 1.6 stomach upset.

TerraVia kind of screwed themselves really, just take a look at their 4th quarter earnings. No Bueno.


Soylent crackers would/will be great. Much better than the Saltines I eat at night (although, I eat the Saltines cuz I’m not getting enough sodium from Soylent :confused: )


If I recall correctly (and I am basing this off one thing I read like 4-5 months ago so I may not be), the drop in Terravia’s share price isn’t exactly that representative of how well they are doing, because an arm of the company broke off into a new sister company that is still closely linked (or something like that) so the plummet isn’t as bad as it seems. Investors still weren’t happy though.


Didn’t take them long to sell out to the American corn empire.


I didn’t realize that Rosa had been purchased by a corn-producing conglomerate. I hope they got a fair price.


I’m dumb, will the increased weight possibly make it more filling (to some) or is that not how it works / is it too insignificant? I kind of understand that more protein & fiber fills you up more due to less calories per gram compared to other things or something, but the amounts for those didn’t change for 1.8. I really should learn more about food…


It isn’t the fact protein and fibre has fewer calories per gram that makes it fill you up for a long time, it’s how long it takes to digest. Fat, for example, has 9kcal/gram, but keeps you full longer than carbs, which have 4kcal/gram. In the case of fibre, soluble fibre absorbs water and expands in the stomach, slowing the digestion of food down (and keeping you feeling full longer).

The important factor in how long something keeps you full is how long it spends being digested / how much space it takes up while it is being digested.


You aren’t funny.

Next time you get a chance to go to a grocery store, look at the labels and pay attention to what has some sort of corn product in it.
It’s everything.


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Does that count?



Release notes have wrong date on page 2 & 3.

1.6 data still here: and here:


Don’t be too obvious doing it though — if they get suspicious, the American corn empire will send you to the cornfield. They have plenty of them.


Well. I’m hoping soluble corn fiber doesn’t have whatever it is in corn that triggers my corn sensitivity (gastrointestinal distress and, at least once, a weirdly swollen upper lip). My assumption is the problem is a corn protein, and maybe there isn’t enough of that in the processed soluble fiber.